How to remove moisture from the wall

Remove moisture from the wall

It’s common for the bathrooms, walls and ceilings of your home to leak moisture and cause mold stains. We bring you some tricks to remove them before you take the paint and brush.

The most effective solution for your spaces will always be ventilation because this way you prevent fungi and other organisms from taking over the walls.

If the space is enclosed and you can’t make use of ventilation, consider these tricks to eliminate moisture:

Mustard powder: The first element that will help you with this problem is the mustard powder, place a plate with a little of the product in the space that has moisture and change it once a week. The mustard powder will absorb all the humidity in the room.

2.- Moisture-free closet: To have a clean and moisture-free closet the trick is to put sea or bath salts in a container inside the closet and change it every two or three months. It is advisable that the furniture is not completely glued to the wall, leaving a separation to facilitate ventilation, as far as possible.

3.- Repotentiated mineral: A mineral that you can buy for this task is zeolite, this absorbs the smell very effectively and we can reuse it as many times as we want, just put it in the oven for half an hour at 250 º and put it back in the place you want to recover.

Vinegar, a great ally: A cloth dampened by vinegar and give a hand to the walls or floors and rooms will say goodbye to the unpleasant smell of moisture and the presence of mold.

Eme Tips

If any of the above tricks have not worked, it is because humidity may take a long time, so you should act as follows:

  • Sand the wall and apply with a chlorine cloth diluted in water.
  • Proceed to paint the wall with anti-fungus plastic paint.
  • If you have mold stains use the same technique of chlorine dissolved in water, when you remove the stains paint the wall and it will look like new.

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