How to remove oil stains from clothing

Remove oil stains from clothing

Widening our clothes with oil while we eat is one of the most common accidents. When this happens, we don’t know what to do and throw the piece into the laundry basket.

As the days go by we try to remove the stain but it’s too late. Don’t let your favorite clothes get damaged, at Eme de Mujer we tell you how to remove oil stains on your clothes.

remove oil stains from clothing

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How to remove oil stains from clothing

Step 1

Remove excess oil with absorbent paper. Place the paper by pressing lightly on the affected area, being careful not to stain other parts of the garment.

Step 2

Extend the piece in a place where it won’t get in the way as you will need to leave it there. Sprinkle talcum powder on the stain. Press the product lightly with a spoon so that it absorbs well. Let it work for at least 30 minutes, although for best results you can leave the powder on the stain overnight.

Step 3

Remove the talc from the affected area and apply a few drops of liquid dishwasher to the stain. Rub with your fingers in circular movements so that the mixture is distributed over the fabric and let the product act for a couple of hours.

Step 4

Wash the piece with detergent as you normally do. If you can dry the garment in the sun, so much the better.

If you don’t have talcum powder…

  • Passing a chalk over the stain is also an excellent way to remove oil from clothing, as its fine powder has a great absorption power. You can apply chalk or chalk powder directly and then follow steps 3 and 4.
  • You can cover the affected area with dishwasher using your fingers and let it work for a few hours and then rinse with white vinegar. Then you can rinse the piece in water and wash as you do regularly.

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