How To Remove Pen Ink Stains

Remove Pen Ink Stains

Pen ink stains are one of the most common. Shirts, skirts, pants and even wallets are affected by these small accidental spills.

However, you don’t have to lose your favorite clothes. Read on and learn how to remove pen ink stains from whites or any other color.

Remove Pen Ink Stains

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It is not an easy task like removing a mud stain from clothing, it requires greater care and time to remove ink stains from clothing, but it is not impossible. Usually, when a ballpoint pen or pen bounces ink, it is watered by a large section of fabric. Even if it is absorbed, the stain remains.

  1. Wash immediately

As soon as you notice that the ink from your pen has been spilled on one of your clothes, wash it immediately to remove the stains. If possible, do this twice to ensure that there are no ink marks left.

  1. Paper towel

If you can’t wash your blouse or stained garment, use a paper towel. Remember to press lightly on the ink stains but do not scrub, as this movement will expand the pigment and end up worse than it started.

  1. The benefits of milk

If the stain resists the previous solutions, try soaking it in liquid milk and leaving it for at least six hours. You will see how the pen stain will gradually clear up until it comes out completely. Let dry and then wash as usual.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is another option that will help you remove pen stains. To use it, take a cotton ball and moisten it in the alcohol. Then apply it directly to the stain; repeat the same procedure with a new cotton ball. Wash as usual and let dry, if necessary repeat the same procedure.

  1. Lacquer

Lacquer also helps remove ink stains from clothing. Apply enough lacquer on the stain as fast as you can after the spill has occurred. Leave the lacquer on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with plenty of warm water.

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