How to remove pen stains from the wall

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  1. Remove pen stains from the wall
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Remove pen stains from the wall

Removing pen stains from the wall is a necessary task to maintain the image and hygiene of our home. Take note of these steps and remove these annoying stains.

Removing pen stains from the wall is one of the tasks we will have to perform at some point.

remove pen stains from the wall

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A small carelessness or a day of unexpected inspiration can be the cause of stains on the wall.

The ballpoint pen is one of the most difficult elements to remove, not only from the wall, but also from the fabrics.

Depending on the type of ink we are struggling with may cost more or less, but removing it is a necessity to get a clean wall. Take note of these guidelines to keep walls free of pen stains.

Materials for removing pen stains from the wall

  • Alcohol
  • Cotton
  • Clean cloth

Steps to remove pen stains from the wall

  1. We begin this task by making a little ball with a piece of cotton, it can be more or less large, depending on the size of the stain. We impregnate this little ball with alcohol, it must be completely soaked to be able to dilute correctly the ink of the pen.
  2. We put the cotton on the ink stain of the wall, we apply pressure of the hand of some taps. We will wait a few seconds until we see that the alcohol is beginning to dilute the ink.

We'll see how the cotton is the one that ends up absorbing the ink. It will change color until you have all the ink inside. In that moment we will change the ball, we will repeat the process and we will create a new piece to return to undertake the cleaning of the stain.

  1. For this technique it is better to go slowly, carefully removing all areas that have been affected by ink from the pen. We can rub gently through the stains to speed up the process a little, preventing them from spreading to other areas.
  2. When we have most of the ink stain removed, we should only have remains that will remain wet by the effect of alcohol, we put the rag. Let's get him over the stain. If we use a white cloth we will see the progression of this task.
  3. When we see that the wall is completely clean, it is time to dry it properly. Drying the wall allows us to remove any pen shadows that may have remained, we also prevent moisture from affecting the paint on the wall.

With these simple steps we will have removed the pen stains from the wall. We will try to avoid that the incident does not repeat itself or we will put a wall of blackboard for the artists of the house.

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