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How to Remove Scars Home Tips

Home Tips for Removing and Erasing Skin Scars

Do you have scars caused by a cut, burn, acne, chicken pox or others? Do you need a natural treatment to eliminate and disappear those horrible scars?

Don’t worry, learn 6 homemade tips to erase scar marks on face and skin with 100% homemade products.

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  1. Aloe or aloe vera is a plant widely used to gradually disappear scars. Cut off the edges of the aloe vera and soak in water for three days to remove iodine. Finally, apply the gel to the scar.

If you wish, warm the aloe vera and put it all night on the scar, either on the face or body, which acts all night and you will see how in a few weeks the scar will be erased. This tip is also very effective to erase facial wrinkles naturally.

  1. For the scar to disappear completely, a household trick is to massage the affected area with a mixture of chamomile or lavender essential oil and half a cup of wheat germ oil.

Leave the mixture on the scar for five minutes doing gentle circular massages. Do it every day and you’ll notice the changes. This treatment is very effective to erase scars naturally.

  1. Another natural product to remove scars from the skin is castor oil. Soak a piece of cloth in castor oil and put it on the scar.

Leave on for an hour and clean with a warm cloth gently. For best results, practice this trick every day.

  1. If you have a wound and it starts to heal. Apply wet wipes to a cold chamomile infusion that works for 15 minutes.

Chamomile is a good anti-inflammatory and soothing, so it will avoid leaving you a horrible scar.

  1. A homemade remedy so that no scar remains on the skin is the following: squeeze a lemon and mix it with two spoonfuls of milk, pour the mixture over the scar, once dry add a little aloe vera gel.

Cover the scar with gauze and let it act all night long. In the morning, rinse and apply blocking cream to moisturize and protect the skin.

  1. To remove these scar marks, exfoliate the affected area with sugar and honey. Do circular massages and then rinse.

Practice this homemade recipe to erase scars every day.

Did you know that?

Prevents the sun from falling directly on the freshly made scar, as the sun will make it take longer to disappear.

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