5 tips to remove scratches from a car

Tips and products to erase micro scratches from your car yourself

An ugly scratch on the car? Before sacrificing your vacation budget in the garage, we inspect the damage and take stock of the home's solutions.

remove scratches from a car

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Because yes, it is possible to remove some scratches without going through the garage with some simple and cheap tips!

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  1. The diagnosis of scratches in a car
    1. 1. Polishing to remove scratches
    2. 2. Cleaning car scratches with toothpaste
    3. 3. Clay stone against car scratches
    4. 4. Remove scratches from a car with the ashes of a cigarette
    5. 5. A touch-up pen for deeper scratches
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The diagnosis of scratches in a car

There is no need to lie to yourself, it is almost impossible to remove a deep scratch engraved on the body.

For small surface scratches, on the other hand, it is! The trick? You wipe it off with a cloth and then run your finger over the scratch to estimate its depth: if it's really raised, it's deep.

Although the white is visible the scratch has reached the primer of the body and needs a more effective treatment, otherwise it will oxidize over time.

With a superficial micro-scratch, more like a boo-boo than a deep cut, only the varnish is affected and the affront can be easily repaired.

1. Polishing to remove scratches

This is the most suitable solution, as polishing is done to remove scratches from the body.

Start by carefully cleaning the area to be treated with a cloth and then, if the scratch is deep, sand it gently with sandpaper. And when we say gently, we mean very, very gently.

The polish is applied to the car's tread in a thin layer with circular movements, and again, gently!

If there is no body polish, a wood furniture polishing cream, a scratch eraser paste or red polish will give identical results.

And for those who have purchased a special scraping kit containing two products for deep scraping. Proceed in the same way with the second product supplied.

2. Cleaning car scratches with toothpaste

No hand polishing? Go to plan B with toothpaste, whose slightly abrasive effect can replace classic polishing.

It is used in the same way, with a soft cloth impregnated with toothpaste and applied in circular movements on the scratch, without applying too much force or pressure.

3. Clay stone against car scratches

The clay stone, also called white stone or silver stone, also acts as a scratch remover.

After cleaning the scratch, wrap a clean cloth around your index finger. Take a small amount of product and apply it to the scratch in a circular motion.

And as you can never be too careful, we repeat: gently, always gently on the body of a car.

4. Remove scratches from a car with the ashes of a cigarette

If there are smokers in the house, the good news is that cigarette ash can do wonders for small surface scratches.

You roll a wet cloth into a ball, put it directly into the ashtray and run it over the scratch... not very academic, but effective.

5. A touch-up pen for deeper scratches

The touch-up pen is used to hide a scratch in the vehicle. It is ideal if the scratch is deeper without reaching the primer, and more effective than ashes . because it resists washing! The massage? Find the exact color of the bodywork.

To use it, the method remains more or less the same: clean the scratch, gently sand the area with very fine sandpaper, then apply the paint from the pen to the scratch before varnishing everything.

The method is more or less the same as a body shop would apply, in the home version.

Other Options:

You can also find some very useful kitchen cleaning products in the online stores of Amazon, WalMart, Costco, Sams Club, Carrefour,  alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress, Zappos, Target, Newegg, Etsy, My American Market, Macy’s, Staples , MyKasa.

Each of these products can be found in great online offers.

In large seasons they put on sale large discounts on household cleaning items, as well as tools for home repairs.

 In addition, you can find free tips apps from Google Play or in  App Store.

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