How to remove stains from a burned pressure cooker

The lack of attention in the kitchen has several consequences, among them is that the food burns us and the remains remain stuck to the walls of the pot.

It is very difficult to remove them, sometimes rubbing is not enough to get rid of those annoying stains that spoil the aesthetics of our pot.

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Fortunately, there are very useful solutions that we will be able to use in cases such as these. Take note of the following tricks.

Clean burned pressure cooker with vinegar and baking soda

Although hard to believe, this combination of vinegar and baking soda is a very effective blend, even more so than some cleaning products.

You have to be careful, the reaction produced by these two substances produces a gas harmful to health, so it is advisable to make the mixture with the window open or somewhere outdoors. Making the mixture and rubbing the surface, our pot will be like just bought.

We can also use these products separately and get the same results.

Put the pot to boil with vinegar, keeping it a few minutes on the fire and then remove it and let it cool we can clean the bottom without any problem. The same process can be repeated with the bicarbonate but mixing it with water, although the mixture will lose some strength.

Clean burned pressure cooker with salt

For this process we have to clean the pot with soap and water previously trying to remove as much dirt as possible by rubbing the surface well.

Afterwards, pour two fingers of water and salt and let it rest for about half an hour. Then we can gently rub a sponge and the pot stains will disappear.

Clean the burned pressure cooker with lemon

If with the previous resources there are still stains that resist coming out, scrubbing a lemon in that area and combining it with a scouring pad, we will finish removing any dirt and the surface will be shiny.

As we have seen, getting a bright and clean pot is possible with products that we can find at home, as well as being natural and not possessing chemical or toxic agents that are harmful to health and respectful of the environment.

We can also achieve this result with other non-natural products such as bleach.

Clean burned pressure cooker with bleach

Its powerful whitening and disinfecting power will quickly recover the brightness of our pot. Using a few drops mixed with water will be enough to finish off the burnt remains.

It is essential to use gloves that protect us from any reaction in the skin and ventilate the kitchen well. The gases released by bleach are harmful.

It doesn’t matter if the food burns and gets stuck in your pressure cooker. Removing those annoying stains is very easy with these simple tricks. Put them to the test and you’ll see the results the first time!

And remember that if your pressure cooker needs some replacement in the handles, in the gaskets or in the valves, between other parts

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