How to remove Stains on car

Or any care you take, it is almost impossible to keep the car upholstery in perfect condition.

But that doesn’t mean they must be dirty, we show you how to remove the stains.

remove Stains on car upholstery

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Grease stains, gum, chocolate, leftovers from food and drinks are the most common, however, you have to act quickly and carefully because otherwise it will be very difficult to remove them.

In order that it does not happen to you we give you several advices so that you remove them with these homemade tricks.

Keep your car upholstery clean with these tips

If you drop a food or drink on the seats leaving a stain, the most important thing is to act quickly. Take a napkin or handkerchief over it and pass it carefully, avoid rubbing it as it will expand.

To clean upholstery you should use mild detergents with neutral pH or children’s shampoo, because universal cleaners or dishwashers used in the home are very strong for that type of material.

When washing upholstery it is common to add a lot of water, but this should be avoided. It is advisable to use little liquid because some cars have electronic elements under the seats, which can be damaged.

To thoroughly clean the upholstery you have to look for a ventilated place so that the car is ventilated and the products used do not affect your health.

For a neater result, vacuum the interior of the vehicle. Pay more attention to the places where the sidewalk and backrest meet, as these are places where the most dirt accumulates.

If the stains are very difficult to remove you can use dry foam for upholstery of the car. Apply to the surface and leave on for 10 minutes, then wipe off with a dry cloth.

Most common stains

Mud: To remove this type of stain, use a dry brush to remove the excess, then run the brush dampened in water through the upholstery.

Chocolate: Place a little soft liquid soap on it, then with a damp cloth give small blows on it until you remove it, avoid rubbing. Soap can also be applied dry.

Grease: They are the most difficult to remove, but if cleaned quickly they can be completely removed. To do this you will have to mix a little water with degreaser, moisten a cloth with it and wipe over the affected area. If it doesn’t work, you can opt for benzol or diluted glycerin.

Blood: Remove with dry foam or a mild detergent. If the stain is dry, a little glycerine can be applied.

Makeup: Use detergent, alcohol or a liquid makeup remover, but the latter must be checked beforehand to see if it causes damage to the stamping.

Coffee: Dry the excess with a blotting paper, then rub an ice on the surface and wipe a hot sponge over it.

Vomiting: It is very important to wash it as soon as possible, as the smell quickly permeates. Use soap and water to remove it, in this case you will have to rub the surface.

Ink: Mix alcohol and water in equal parts, moisten a cloth or sponge and apply it over the stain.

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