How do I remove the glue from the floor?

Get rid of the glue marks!

Have you also had some outbursts when you have had to glue something? Discover some miracle recipes for removing glue from the floor!

remove glue from floor

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1. Remove any glue residue from the floor with a spatula.

Did you just notice a few drops of glue on the floor? You can use an iron spatula to gently scrape the floor and remove the glue thoroughly.

Please note that this cleaning technique is only suitable for hard floor coverings such as stone, tile or concrete. Do not apply to linoleum.

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2. Remove the glue with a scraper.

Take a scraper and rub the glue with this tool. Feel free to add a few drops of cleaner to make the procedure less aggressive for your floor.

You should also adapt the scraper to the floor materials to avoid scratching.

3. Remove adhesive from the floor with a heat gun.

The thermal stripper can be used to clean metal parts, but it can also help remove a trace of glue from the floor.

This technique requires some knowledge and good temperature management. It will be different for a parquet floor, a tile floor or a floating floor.

The heat from the scraper softens the glue that can be removed without leaving any residue or damage. Don’t hesitate to call a professional.

4. Use a stripper to remove the glue…

Floor strippers are also effective helpers in removing glue marks on the floor.

First of all, they are designed for this type of use, and secondly, they allow the glue to be cleaned without damaging the floor.

5. Remove the glue with a remover.

Acetone can be used to eliminate neoprene glue drips on the floor. You can also use white alcohol and a cotton swab.

However, be careful when applying this method to check the strength of your floor covering.

This can work on tile, stone, concrete. However, do not apply it in imitation soil, as this may degrade your floor.

6. Soften the glue with a hair dryer.

The hair dryer is a great ally to remove glue residues from the floor. It is one of the most gentle cleaning and removal methods…

The heat from the hairdryer softens the glue and you can gently remove it from the floor.

7. Dissolve the glue with a zero residue mixture

A mixture of baking soda and white vinegar can help get rid of glue marks on the floor.

It is a safe mix for the environment or your health. It also has the merit of being accessible to all budgets.

Of course, this zero waste solution is not effective with all types of glue – it’s worth a try!

Simply mix the organic ingredients in hot water and soak the glue in the solution.

Then simply rinse the mixture and try to remove the glue. Repeat this two or three times.

8. Saying goodbye to the paper paste with soapy water

The classic cleaner consisting of mixing water with Marseille soap has proven to be effective on the remains of wallpaper paste. Rub the glue residues and glue stains with a soaked cloth.

I faced the same problem a few years ago and a friend of mine advised me… …to spread the coke and leave it in place for two or three hours.

I thought it was a joke, but after trying, it worked! So I made my whole room (more than 25 m2!) with this system.

On the other hand, you need a spatula, I recommend a width of 15 or 20 cm, to touch up the “ointment” that forms, gloves, garbage bags and large household sponges to rinse well.

How do I remove the glue after I take out a carpet? If you want to replace the carpet with PVC tiles or slabs, or even parquet, it is necessary to remove the remaining glue from the concrete or stairs. Discover our technique for quick and easy glue removal.

To remove the carpet easily, cut it into narrow strips with a cutter and pull strongly on each piece one after the other.

If it was glued directly to the cement, the neoprene glue residue will remain on the floor.

Techniques for removing glue

– Iron spatula

The glue comes off quite well when you scrape it off with a spatula.

But even if there are also electric spatulas, which can make the task easier, this solution will not be suitable if large surfaces have to be made.

Think of your knees, the blisters on your fingers and your back.

– Pala

A shovel can help you remove the glue.

And at least, since it has a handle, you won’t break your back.

Scrape off the glue in small bursts.

– Iron brush

An iron brush will allow you to remove any residue on the floor.

Then you will remove them with a wet sponge.

But let’s not dream, this work will be slow, painful and difficult.

– Scrape

To remove the glue, there is a very effective special scraper with interchangeable blades.

A less natural technique

– Thermal stripper

The glue can be softened with a heat gun to remove it, but this is not without danger.


Vapors from neoprene glue and acetone are very harmful:

In addition to good ventilation and a respiratory mask, the room should not be used for a while.

– Acetone or other trichloroethylene

These solvents are undoubtedly effective for removing a small stain of glue, but for a large surface, they are totally inadvisable.

Dangerous fumes can suffocate and cause burns when a solvent is applied to the neoprene glue.

If you really want to use these products, it is more than advisable to wear a mask, protect your hands, open the windows wide and then wash the floor with soapy water to try to remove the chemicals.


Wear a mask to protect yourself from glue residue dust, which is toxic.

Wear gloves if possible with small pads.

– The Décap’Cires Guard Ecologique emulsion and glue stripper

It is a safe and environmentally friendly product for removing residues from glues or foams used for carpets, PVC and linoleum floors.

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