How to remove the hairs from your pet

Remove the hairs from your pet

Since the day he arrives at our house, the pet is part of the family. We take care of her, we smuggle her, and we include her in everything we do. Learn how to remove the hairs from your pet.

However, sometimes we get tired of finding hair on furniture or on all our clothes. There are simple methods we can use to eliminate that problem.

– Latex gloves

The material of the latex gloves that we use to wash, makes the hairs impregnate them in a simple way. We must gently rub them on our clothes and little by little they will be eliminated.

– Wet cloth

Another easy technique to remove hair from your pet is to moisten a cloth and wipe it slowly over our clothing. We only have to go through it where the hair is, otherwise we would be spreading it all over the garment.

– Adhesive tape

It’s one of the easiest ways to do it, because an adhesive tape is very easy to get. The wider it is, the more hair you remove from the garment. Let’s try to peel it slowly, because some materials can be damaged if you do it too abruptly.

– Wet hands

If we do not have accessories at hand, a good way to remove the hairs is by wetting our hands and sliding them down where the hairs are. These will become little balls that will be impregnated in our hands. Then we have to wash with soap to kill the bacteria.

– Lint Brush

Many stores have special brushes to remove lint from clothing. We must pass it slowly so as not to mistreat the clothes, and we will see how the hairs will fall out.

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