How to remove the smell of garlic

Remove the smell of garlic

Garlic is essential in the kitchen as it is in home remedies, but when you use it it leaves an unpleasant smell in your mouth and hands. What is the antidote against the bad smell of garlic?

Is there a homemade trick to eliminate the smell of garlic from the hands and mouth?

remove the smell of garlic

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Here are the 9 home remedies to say goodbye to the smell of garlic.

1) Parsley to remove the smell of garlic

Parsley is a very effective herb to control the level of bacteria in the mouth and eliminate bad breath, so it neutralizes the garlic breath. Just chew a sprig of parsley for about five minutes as if it were gum, you can also take it in infusion.

2) Milk to remove the bad smell of garlic

Milk is another homemade trick to get rid of the bad smell caused by garlic. According to a study conducted at Ohio University, they mentioned that milk consumption reduces the concentration of garlic chemicals.

Drink a glass of whole milk (it’s more effective than non-fat milk) during a meal to reduce the bad smell of garlic and not afterwards.

And if you don’t like milk, you can gargle or buches with the milk. If you like you can replace it with yogurt.

3) Baking soda to remove bad odor

Baking soda is another alternative to remove the bad smell of garlic from your mouth. Fight bacteria and clean your teeth without damaging the enamel.

First wash your mouth well with toothpaste and then dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in warm water. Gargle for a few minutes until the bad breath goes away. Don’t forget to wash your tongue well.

4) Coffee to neutralize odours

Coffee is a good odour neutralizer. Chew two coffee beans and say goodbye to bad breath. You can also accompany it with a cup of coffee.

5) Anise green to recover a pleasant and fresh breath

This anise contains more than twenty aromatic components. It is a good home remedy to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth. Chew a few grains of green anise and you will feel a pleasant and fresh breath.

6) Cinnamon to clean the mouth

Although it may seem incredible, cinnamon contains almost 50 aromatic principles. Contains bacteriostatic properties that prevent the development of bacteria after eating meals.

Boil the cinnamon branches and take it as an infusion. She also does mouthwashes with the preparation.

  1. cloves to combat halitosis

It’s a good oral disinfectant. Combats halitosis or bad mouth odor. Nowadays, dentists use cloves with other chemical components to fill the gaps in the teeth caused by cavities.

Chew 1 clove after eating the garlic, its natural oil will remove the bad smell.

8) Lemon to eliminate the bad smell of garlic

Lemon is very effective in eliminating the bad smell of garlic in the mouth and hands.

Just rub all the fingers on your hand with the lemon juice. Then wash your hands with mild soap.

(9) Lettuce

Rub your hands with lettuce leaves and rinse with warm water and soap. This trick is very effective.

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