How to remove wine stains

Remove wine stains

We have all been through this, our tablecloth or some blouse have been stained with wine, so here are some homemade tips to remove wine stains:

1- For dry red wine stains: leave the stain to soak in hot milk until you notice that the stain disappears. Then all you have to do is wash the garment.

remove wine stains

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2- If it is a recent wine stain: quickly see a handful of salt on the stain, then wash it with soap and water.

3- For white wine stains: wash with warm water and soap. If it is delicate, it is advisable to rub it with alcohol before wetting it.

4- Another trick to remove red wine stains from a tablecloth is to rub them with white wine. If the stain is on a coloured shirt or blouse it is advisable to rub it with cold water mixed with a little ammonia.

5- It is also advisable to mix a little liquid soap with hydrogen peroxide and apply the mixture on the stain. If it doesn’t go, you can add a little more hydrogen peroxide to the mixture.

6- Red wine stains on painted walls (with washable paints) or wallpapers are cleaned with white wine. The remains can be removed with oxygenated water diluted in water in equal parts.

7- For white wine stains: a good option is to pass through the stains a little lemon juice and wash the garment quickly.

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