How to Repair Android from PC Fast and Easy

Surely it has happened to you that by wanting to rotate or flash your Android cell phone you have damaged them.

You've tried different ways to restore it and repair it without any solution.

Repair Android from PC

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If you have had or have this problem in this post we will teach you how to repair Android from PC.

In this post I will explain a little about what you can do when you have a damaged device. I'm going to give you some recommendations so you don't make a fool of yourself and leave your cell phone useless. Because sometimes a simple problem becomes irreparable.

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  1. Gravity of the case
  2. The best solution
    1. How do I know which program to use
    2. List of programs to repair Android from PC
    3. What to do before manipulating things in the system?
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Gravity of the case

This is the first thing we have to locate: how did the mobile go wrong? what did I do to damage it? what application did I use? what was it from a PC or from the mobile? etc. Here we have to locate the point where our cell began to be damaged.

  • Example 1: If I have used an application to rotate my mobile and in the process turns off the mobile. It can also happen that when deleting a file or application from the system, the cell phone was lost.
  • Example 2: When I want to install a new room to my cell phone, I damage the device, this is because the room was not compatible.

As well as the two previous examples can happen many more, before that what we must do is look for information in Google or Youtube. These two sources will provide us with information, people who have had the same problem.

The best solution

When we delete things like APN profiles, we change settings and we don't know how to return them to the way they were. In these situations, the solution is usually to reset the cell phone to factory settings.

However, doing this doesn't solve everything and after a while we have the same problem again.

For this the best thing to do is to flash the cell phone or in other words, install a room stock. By doing this you are going to put in a completely new and error-free system.

The process depends a lot on the cell phone brands, for example for Samsung devices the Odin program is used.

Each brand has its own program with which you can flash, update, change room.

How do I know which program to use

What you have to do is search in Google "install room stock in Samsung J7", you have to write the name of the brand and model of the cell phone. You have to go in and see some results they are all going to ask you to download a program with which you plough the process.

List of programs to repair Android from PC

  • For the Samsung brand you must use the above mentioned Odin lines.
  • If you have a HTC cell phone you can use the Android Flasher program, it supports these models: Desire, Desire Z, Desire HD, EVO 4g, EVO 3D, Desire S, Incredible S, Thunderbolt, Wildfire S, Sensation.

What to do before manipulating things in the system?

No matter how redundant it may seem to make a backup, it will always help us with a problem. To do this we just have to find a simple and easy way for us.

There are free applications in Google Play that allow us to make a copy of the data and the system. A famous and very good application is Titanium Backup, with it you can make any type of backup.

If you have a problem that you don't know how to solve, find out first about the problem that caused it. By doing this you will be able to repair android from PC

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