How to Repair Dead Pixels on Android and PC

Although it is true that we have better and better screens in our terminals, nevertheless a certain amount get to have problems with the pixels.

Faced with this, it only remains to make some ways to repair the dead pixels either on a cell phone with Android or a PC with Windows.

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Depending on the type of screen we will see a dead pixel that only shows black or white. When they are in black it is because no form of light arrives.

However, a damaged/malagated/vague pixel shows us any other color except the one it should show.

What is a damaged/blocked/lazy and dead pixel?

You may not know it, but they're small, colorless squares you see on a mobile screen or computer LCD monitor. We can make a difference between two types of missing pixels.

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  1. What is a damaged/blocked/lazy and dead pixel?
  • Dead pixel
  • Stuck or lazy pixel
    1. Download a pixel repair program or application
    2. Application to correct pixels in Android
    3. Display tester to repair bad pixel on LCD and OLED
    4. Dead Pixels Test and Fix
    5. Program to fix pixels in PC
    6. Do dead pixels expand?
    7. Why do dead or lazy pixels come out?
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  • Dead pixel

    In this case are the pixels that come with that factory defect or that was caused by some blow on the screen. In this case it is very difficult to find a solution as it is practically impossible to repair.

    What we would recommend to people who have a device with this problem, would be to take it to a technical service and use the warranty.

    Stuck or lazy pixel

    They are those pixels that have a flaw and show a totally different color to the one they should be showing. The good thing about these pixel faults is that they have a solution since they emit a color, but not the indicated one. We'd just have to fix the fault and that's it.

    You may be interested to know how to repair your Android cell phone screen, fast and easy.

    Download a pixel repair program or application

    To correct the damage done by a bad pixel on our mobile screen, we have to resort to PC software and an app for Android. In this case I will recommend the best alternative for each one.

    Application to correct pixels in Android

    In this case I'm going to share the best applications to repair the bad pixels on the screen of your Android cell phone. If you go to the Google Play store you will surely find many, but the ones I recommend have very good ratings, more than 4 stars.

    Display tester to repair bad pixel on LCD and OLED

    This apk what it does is test every part of the OLED or LCD screen to check for vague, damaged/maltered or dead pixels. It also has multiple tests to check if anything goes wrong with the screen.

    • Color test, contrast.
    • Calibration of red, grey, blue and green colours.
    • Angle of vision test.
    • You're gonna be able to try the multi-touch.
    • It also has a visualization performance test.

    Download Google Play application

    Dead Pixels Test and Fix

    Detects very effectively if the phone has a damaged, broken, lazy or dead pixel. It also gives a solution to all defective pixels, has a test that will put the screen of your Smartphone to work to the maximum.

    An important point that is thanked to this type of applications is that they help us to detect problems in the screen of a mobile. This way when we want to buy a second hand mobile we can pass the test to make sure that not everything goes well.

    Dead pixel detect and fix how it works

    You only have to start the application, it will detect the pixels that are spoiled. In addition, while you are testing, you can check the places that do not emit any color.

    Download the Play Store app

    Program to fix pixels in PC

    One of the best alternatives that we can find on the net without a doubt is the program InjuredPixels. It does not require installation since it is portable and it is only enough to execute it.

    Download InjuredPixels for pc:

    Once we have downloaded the program all we have to do is to start it, to do so we must open it. The program to repair dead pixels will show us a black screen. We have to change colors to detect defective pixels.

    When we have found the pixel faulty or vague, we have to gently make a pressure. From this podo we will be able to go correcting and solving the problem, but only if it is a stuck pixel. Because if it's a dead pixel, we're sorry to tell you there may not be a solution.

    As an extra we will recommend you a program that also helps to repair bad pixels on your computer monitor. The software is called PixelHealer and you can download it from the following link.

    Download PixelHealer:

    Do dead pixels expand?

    In some cases it has happened that they do not manage to extend, however in some devices if they manage to extend. Sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's very fast.

    In this type of case, it is recommended to check if it is a dead or defective pixel.

    A dead pixel has no solution, but the defective one can still be repaired.

    If we detect what type of pixel it is, we can counteract the damage to the screen. In this way we prevent it from moving forward.

    Why do dead or lazy pixels come out?

    The reasons apparently are many and different in each situation, some terminals come with such faults. It is also the case that dead pixels appear after a fall or after submerging in water.

    When a cell phone has pixels damaged because of a fall, it is very likely that it cannot be repaired because it has a few dead pixels.

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