How to Repair Play Store Errors Any Version

If you’ve already had cell phones with the Android version, you’ve probably suffered from these typical errors that appear in the Google Play app store, maybe you’re currently suffering from one of them.

Today we’re going to show you the Play Store bug fix solution. In this post we are going to present you the 2 most common errors and how you can solve them.

Repair Play Store

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In the first instance you have to know that the installation of third party applications is always the cause of very common errors in the system apps or that by default are installed on the cell phone, so it is better to install apps that are from a trusted developer.

Cases in which the Play Store is damaged

The reasons can be many and depend on the different versions of Android that you have on your cell phone, one of which and most common is the installation of apk Freedom, with which you can trick the Play Store to buy apps that are paid, and in some applications or games, freedom can buy within the appps.

Another reason why the app store is damaged is that it has installed incompatible versions of apps, as said, the reasons or reasons can sometimes be very different, but almost all are corrected in the same way.

In case the device has been upgraded to another version, it can also be one of the causes because the Play Store has stopped working.

It is not recommended to use patchy applications as they can cause not only one application to be damaged. but also the whole device to malfunction as the camera app is and sometimes is.

Repair Play Store errors by installing apps such as Freedom

If this is your case, for you to be able to install apk Freedom you have had to give super user permissions, so it means that your phone is rotated, then the solution to this problem comes to be the removal of the app freedom or any other.

With the fact of deleting the application should already correct the error, but if it does not happen, you have to install an app called AdAway (needs root) that what it does is block the ads on the cell phone, you have to open and press the main button to activate, after doing so will ask you to restart the device, you do it and ready! the error of the Play Store that went offline, should already be repaired.

Once the process is fixed, they have to remove the AdAway application they installed to get the phone back up and running.

Repair Play Store Errors – Error 905

For this method you don’t need any kind of application, you just have to do some actions with the app of the Play Store to repair it. Mainly what is going to be done in this case will be to eliminate the data of the app so that it can let install games or heavy apps.

If erasing the data doesn’t work, what you should do is go to; Settings > Applications, there they look for the Play Store and uninstall its updates, leaving it in its initial version.

After doing that it would be recommended to restart the cell phone, after turning on, open the app store Play Store and the error that was previously will disappear, fast and easy.

Just some of the solutions we have for you, repairing Play Store errors is a simple way to do it yourself, without the need for a technical service.

If you have another type of error, please let us know through the comments that we will try to help you to the best of our ability.

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