How to repel mosquitoes

Home Tricks to Repel Mosquitoes

My house is totally invaded by mosquitoes. They won’t stop stinging me, it’s unbearable!

I’ve bought a lot of mosquito killers but I can’t breathe, please, is there a homemade product to repel mosquitoes quickly and effectively?

repel mosquitoes
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What can I do to stop them from biting me anymore? Any recipe for a homemade repellent? Don’t be anxious anymore!

Discover 10 homemade methods to quickly and naturally repel and repel mosquitoes:

1) Eucalyptus is a very effective plant against mosquitoes. Boil a few leaves of eucalyptus, pour it into different containers and let the steam come out throughout the room. You can also pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil into half a litre of hot water to naturally keep mosquitoes away.

2) Lemon also has repellent properties that quickly scare mosquitoes away. Boil the lemon peels and let the steam cover the whole piece. Lemon and orange leaves are also very good natural repellents against mosquitoes.

3) Another homemade tip to keep mosquitoes away is vinegar. Pour a little vinegar into different glasses and put them on the windows. The smell of vinegar will keep the mosquitoes away.

4) A very effective plant to repel insects, especially mosquitoes, is basil or basilica. Make an infusion of basil and fill in different containers so that the steam fills the room, you can also use essential oil of basil.

5) Another way to use basil leaves is to leave several fresh basil leaves on windows and plant (or pot) several bouquets around the house. You can burn a few leaves to scare away mosquitoes faster! It seems incredible how a plant that has a pleasant taste and aroma, repels mosquitoes.

6) Bay leaves also have the property of repelling mosquitoes. Follow the same procedure as tip 4 and 5.

7) There are in the market, candles and incense made from natural plants that act as inhibitors of mosquitoes. Among them we can use those with lemon, lavender and mint aroma.

8) The mixture of the lemon with the clove displays a smell that repels the mosquitoes. Simply cut a lemon in two and put several cloves in it. Finally, place them on the windows or corners. Change the lemon once it is dry.

9) A homemade mosquito repellent that you can easily prepare at home is by mixing a few drops of lavender essential oil with body cream. Mix well and always carry it in your bag to avoid bites.

10) Another homemade recipe to elaborate a homemade repellent is the following: prepare an infusion of 30 cloves (crush well the cloves until almost obtaining a powder), once cold filter and mix in a liter of alcohol with 3 spoonfuls of baby oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply to the body to repel the mosquitoes naturally.

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