How to reply to Whatsapp messages without appearing connected

Reply to Whatsapp messages

Without evaluating the reasons, it is possible that some of you may have to respond to a WhatsApp message but you don’t want to appear as connected.

In this article we show you how to escape the inquisitive glances of those friends.Reply to Whatsapp messages

Has it ever happened to you that you stop answering a WhatsApp message to prevent another person among your contacts from discovering you online and claiming a signal that you are there?

Perhaps a response to the message that I sent you a couple of hours ago, but which you don’t intend to answer to save you a long discussion? Well, there is one way (two actually) to avoid similar situations: two tricks that allow you to respond to a message without appearing online so that you avoid harassing friends and partners (or ex-partners).

Reply from notifications (or from smartwatch)

If you have a device with Nougat (or Oreo, though I doubt it), the easiest way is to reply to the message directly from the notification. Download the drop-down menu and reply to the message without opening the application by clicking the Reply button seen in the notification.

If you also have an Android Wear smartwatch on your wrist, you will be able to respond to WhatsApp messages directly from your watch and be sure that you will not appear online. Even if you reply to the message without clicking Reply, but by viewing the entire conversation.

Responded offline

  1. Turn off the data and the WIFI connection on your smartphone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and the chat in question.
  3. Write the message.
  4. Close WhatsApp.
  5. Activate WIFI or data connection again.
  6. WhatsApp will send the message without it appearing online.

Bonus: how to read an incognito WhatsApp message with Unseen

Unseen is an application that allows us to view WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger messages incognito without showing us online.

This trick will not allow you to reply to messages appearing as offline but to read the received messages without the others knowing it. So you can take your time before you answer.

With each notification you receive from your social applications, you’ll receive one from Unseen, which can be customized with different colors.

By clicking on the WhatsApp tab you will be able to read the message but your contact will know that you have read it only when you click on Reply on WhatsApp.

From that moment on, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp application and you will be without alibis again. A small warning the application does not always work as it should with groups.

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