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How to restore a mirror – All you need to know

How do you renew a damaged mirror? Whether it’s an old mirror or a moisture-damaged mirror, if your mirror is punctured with black spots, if there is a splinter in the glass, restore it by following the advice.

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Repairing a damaged mirror

Restoring a mirror

The renovation of the mirror is done with mercury according to the rules of art.

But since it is difficult to grip and dangerous to drive, it is better to do it the other way around.


Restoring an antique or precious mirror

Any repair to an antique or valuable mirror is the domain of a restorer.

Black spots on the mirror?

The stains indicate that the taina, composed of mercury, is damaged.

The taina is the metallic part of a mirror through which the reflection is produced.

Turn the ice over, place it on a towel or blanket that you no longer use and, with your hands protected by household gloves, clean the back by rubbing the damaged areas with a very fine sandpaper sheet to remove any traces of mercury.


Then apply with a brush a special silver mirror paint or silver powder on the well cleaned areas.

You will find these products in the DIY stores.

Removing scratches from a mirror

If the scratch is not too deep, rub the scratched area of the mirror with a soft, slightly damp cloth sprayed with cigarette ash.

Rub with circular movements.

This work, unfortunately slow and laborious, only has an effect on surface scratches.

The back of the mirror came off

If the mirror sticks to itself, you must remove the back completely and stick another one on.

To remove the back of the mirror, with a sawing motion, slide it off and then pass a steel wire (like a piano or guitar string) between the two parts, without ever trying to pull it off.

If you need help with acetone.

This method is so difficult to perform that it is advisable to replace the mirror!

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