How to restore Google Chrome correctly step by step

Google Chrome

Restoring Google Chrome is a task that we will have to do routinely, every time we detect a fault in our reference browser.

restore Google Chrome

Take note of these steps to successfully restore Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers. Its simplicity at the time of installation and the multiple possibilities that it offers us are a guarantee of efficiency and practice that we should not overlook.

Using a browser like Google Chrome in perfect condition will be possible if we detect any problem in time to solve it.

There are some interferences or problems that can affect our browser, unnecessary advertising or a certain slowdown in its functions would be some of the causes that would lead us to restore it.

With these simple steps we will be able to optimize again Google Chrome so that it contributes to us everything that we expect of this navigator.

Steps to restore Google Chrome

  1. The first step to be able to restore Google Chrome correctly is to go directly to open the browser. In the upper part there are three points that will allow us to reach a dropdown with different options. Click on the ‘Options’ button.
  2. From here we will see a series of possibilities from which we will choose the one referring to ‘Configuration’. This section is very important in it appear all the options concerning the functions of our browser.
  3. We’ll click on ‘Advanced Settings’ to get the most out of Google Chrome. There we will find some important possibilities to personalize your browser, but the one that will interest us when it comes to restoring it will be the one that says ‘Restore’.
  4. It is important that before restoring we have all the information of interest well kept, so as not to lose anything important in this process. With the decision made, we will begin this process.
  5. A window will appear detailing all the changes we are going to make with this process. Restoring Google Chrome will make us have the Home page again without any interference. It will remove all the tabs we have been able to fix, disable the extensions and erase the temporary data. That’s why it’s really important that we have this kind of data saved before starting the process.
  6. It will take a few seconds to restart again with everything that bothered you clean. If there is any extension or tab that caused us problems will be gone. Passwords and bookmarks will also be present, but we will have eliminated some of the setbacks generated by the repeated use of this browser.

Dare to easily restore Google Chrome will work much better and we will avoid problems that can become chronic, improve instantly your browser.

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