Restricting Access to the Windows Registry

We tell you how to prevent anyone from entering the operating system and making changes from within.

There may be options in Windows that you don’t know how to activate, that aren’t in the options sections, but that are there.

One option to unlock them is to have an application that gives you new capabilities, but you can also count on the help of the Windows Registry to do so.Restricting Access to the Windows

However, you may never want to enter this part of your PC and that’s why we teach you how to block access to the Windows Registry.

Avoid touching the Windows Registry

Occasionally, we’ve invited you to unlock Windows features with the help of the Registry. If you’ve tried it, you’ve seen how framed Redmond’s system is and that everything has some parameters that each user can modify at will when necessary.

If you follow in our footsteps, or are a great Windows expert, you will be able to make your modifications without any danger.

Unfortunately, there are times when you can forget to make a system recovery point and the catastrophe breaks out.

Without this precautionary measure, the system may not function properly again. This usually happens, but if you do not want anyone to enter your machine touch something this section of the system we tell you how you can block the Windows Registry.

It is curious that for this block you need to enter the Registry itself, but this will be the last time.

After entering it (Windows+R key and type in the Run command ‘regedit) you must follow the following path in the search engine:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem.

If this folder does not exist you will have to create it on your own and inside you have to create a new value class DWORD 32 bits DisableRegistryTools name. Without leaving this new window you will have to give it a numeric value equal to 1.

Can the Registry be retrieved?

Now when you enter the Registry it will warn you that the administrator has blocked this option. Objective accomplished: Windows Registry is locked.

But it’s true that at some point you may need to enter this part of Windows 10 so we also give you the option you need. This is an option called Policy Plus from GitHub.

With this tool we follow by the option Help > Acquire ADMX Files to have all the files of the last policies and we accept the compilation and we press OK to reactivate the option of Windows 10.

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