How to Save Money on Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

Once our tummy size becomes more noticeable our clothes simply stop staying.

With pregnancy our body changes completely to the point of making us change the clothes of our wardrobe, and although we love the idea of going shopping, having to invest in maternity clothes that we will only use temporarily can become a very big expense.

Save Money on Maternity Clothes

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The arrival of our baby brings with it a series of expenses in medical check-ups, clothing, accessories for the baby, decorating his room and saving at this time, becomes a priority to avoid spending more than really necessary.

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to save money on maternity clothes and still look spectacular during the sweet wait.

Image and self-care during pregnancy is very important because it affects your self-esteem!

It is very important to take care of ourselves during this stage, since we are very prone to postpartum depression because of all the changes we experience in our body, as well as hormones and psychological changes.

Therefore, to feel good, to see each other beauties and to give us a few pleasures is very important! This will help us avoid self-esteem problems and depression in both pregnancy and postpartum.

Our personal image and the care we give her during this time is more important than ever and helps us have a better pregnancy!

8 Key Tips for Saving Money on Maternity Clothes

Buying clothes and especially maternity clothes means that you will spend money. Although it is necessary to have this type of clothing to feel comfortable and look good during pregnancy, most of the time it is clothing that after 9 months of waiting, will be stored in the closet, or is given away. For this reason, we will give you 8 key tips to save money on maternity clothes.

  1. Make the most of the clothes you have

The most likely thing is that during the first months of your pregnancy you can still wear some of the clothes you already have in your wardrobe, so the first thing you should do before going to the maternity stores, is to make a kind of inventory of all your clothes.

Once you know what kind of clothes you have, put in your hand all those that are wide and loose with which you feel more comfortable.

If you have elastic waist clothing, make the most of it!

These will allow you to adjust well to them regardless of the progressive growth of your tummy during the first trimester.

Something super simple that you can try, is to place by the buttonhole of your pants an elastic band folded in half, which is linked to the other end by the button. All you have to do is cover her with a long shirt and you’re done! No one will notice this ingenious trick.

Something more aesthetic is to make an adapter for the buttons.

  1. Avoid buying clothes in advance

Planning includes doing things ahead of time, but when it comes to buying maternity clothes this rule doesn’t work.

As much as every pregnant woman’s belly grows, every body is different and it’s impossible for you to know exactly what yours will look like during the last months of pregnancy. Wait a little before you buy!

The fact that you can still wear your clothes can always make you make the mistake of forcing your blouses. Although some types of fabrics stretch without any problem and return to their initial size, others will lose their shape and once your baby is born you will no longer be able to use them.

It is also very important that while you are pregnant you avoid very tight clothing, because not only will make you feel very uncomfortable, but can also promote swelling of your legs and feet.

Ideally, wear garments that are loose-fitting, made of soft fabrics that offer comfort and don’t have as many buttons and zippers.

You don’t need to feel pressured and uncomfortable.

  1. Buy the minimum and complement with accessories

As you may already know, clothing is usually very expensive and therefore it is best to invest in clothing that is very versatile and economical. Pants are one of the garments you’ll need the most so you can invest in a pair of them.

Look for them in neutral tones and different styles, such as leggings, jeans and a more elegant pair of pants.

The skirts with elastic are very flattering in pregnancy and you can wear them perfectly during the summer and with socks in the winter. You can also opt for some maternity blouses that you can combine with cardigans or unbuttoned shirts.

Don’t forget that pregnant or not, accessories are the ideal complement to your outfits, they will give you a chic touch and allow you to play with fashion: bags, bracelets, earrings, lenses…

The possibilities are endless!

Use cardigans, handbags and other accessories to complement your look.

  1. Borrow with complete confidence

Don’t be embarrassed to ask that friend who recently gave birth if she has any maternity garments she can lend you.

She’s probably got a lot left, and most likely she’ll be delighted. In this way you will save a lot of money and get a lot of useful clothes such as dresses, premama pants, skirts, maternity blouses …

  1. Invest in maternity underwear

Underwear at this stage is indispensable, so it is necessary to invest in some underwear sets for pregnant women that give you good support and adapt to your new sizes.

Check that they are comfortable, practical and functional so that you can use them later for breastfeeding.

Buying underwear during pregnancy is a necessity for both body changes and comfort.

We recommend you buy one that does not have rods or any kind of hard support that you can use while you sleep, it is an excellent way to feel comfortable and yet well supported in that area.

This model is one of the most useful and functional.

  1. Look for clothes you can wear afterwards.

One of the problems of buying a lot of maternity clothes is that after having the baby they are no longer needed. For this reason, it is recommended that when choosing them you pay attention to the fact that they can also be used for breastfeeding.

If you plan to breastfeed your baby, keep in mind that smooth dresses and blouses and openings are too uncomfortable for this.

Incline better for blouses and shirts with wide necklines and buttons that allow you to access your bra easier and faster.

Choose clothes not only for maternity, but also for postpartum and breastfeeding.

Also, don’t forget that it will probably take you a while to completely recover your figure, so having a piece or two that you can use during the postpartum months will be very helpful.

  1. Buy a pair of shoes for when your feet are swollen.

Although during pregnancy footwear often goes unnoticed is sometimes a necessary option, because if you are one of those who usually suffer from swelling in feet and ankles in the third trimester, your shoes will also start to over tighten.

So don’t hesitate to buy a pair of wide, comfortable, low-cost shoes so you can wear them during this period.

Finally, we advise you to draw up a budget with your partner so that they can define between the two how much they can or want to spend on maternity clothes and thus organise themselves better with the expenses.

You can also shop around at clothing stores that are offering liquidations or second-hand clothes in good condition, because you’re sure to find offers that will significantly help your pocketbook.

As you can see, the arrival of a baby doesn’t always translate into big expenses in maternity clothes, it’s just a matter of knowing how to take advantage of the clothes you already have, and invest in key and functional garments, so you can look good without having to spend a lot of money. Try it and you’ll save a lot!

Remember to look good during pregnancy is not for others, it’s for yourself.

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