How to save on your mobile data with Android

Saving Data Restricting Application Access

You can save data very easily every time you connect to the internet through your data rate.

Whether it’s to chat through WhatsApp or just surfing the internet, you can extend your flat rate or make the data bill at the end of the month not on your mobile data with Android

I suppose you already use Google Maps offline maps or download your favorite radio programs in podcast to not use a lot of data along the way. But there are also applications that connect to the Internet in the background and can make use of data.

Up to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow we can limit access to the data of the applications we want.

To do this just go to Settings > Data usage and from the list of applications select the app you want to limit. Within the application information we may withdraw permission for you to connect via data to the internet.

Save data with Android Nougat economizer

Since Android 7.0 Nougat the data restriction has a somewhat different look and we have a new function to restrict the data of the entire system when we connect from the mobile network. The new function can be found in Settings > Data Usage > Data saver.

This active function restricts the data traffic of all applications in the background. If we want some applications to skip this restriction in order to be able to use them with 3G or 4G we must mark them within Settings > Data use > Data saver > Access to unrestricted data.

Save data with Chrome

Inside the Chrome internet browser (which many of us have pre-installed) there is an option to save data when we don’t have a Wi-Fi connection at hand. The browser itself is able to compress the information it needs to display a web page.

This may be one of Chrome’s most practical features. To activate, simply open Chrome, touch the top three dots on the right, and select Settings > Data Savings > Activate.

When this option is running it will automatically monitor the data used by the browser and how much you have saved. It depends a lot on the websites you visit but can exceed 30% savings.

Save data with Opera Max

Opera Max is an application that helps you save data in the transit of your data, both sent and received, in Wi-Fi connections or through the mobile network.

The operation is very simple once installed the application just start and click on connect. A warning will appear on the screen informing that Opera Max requires a VPN connection in order to operate.

To start saving data we must click on accept, with this we are also accepting that our data pass through their servers.

Once a key symbol appears in the status bar next to the coverage icon we will know that our data is circulating through the Opera Max VPN so all our data traffic is compressed to send it to your servers and there it decompresses to follow its path. The same happens with the data we receive, i.e. they arrive at the Opera Max servers and the compressed information is sent to us from there.

In the application itself we have a constant record of the applications that use the Internet and the expense they make of the data.

From the menu under ‘Manage app’ you can restrict access to Internet applications through the network of your choice: mobile or Wi-Fi.

From the same menu you can also access in ‘Settings’ the level of savings you want to have for images and videos.

To disconnect the VPN connection, simply click on ‘Disconnect’ in the drop-down menu on the left.

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