How to Save WhatsApp in the Cloud

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WhatsApp in the Cloud

Saving WhatsApp in the cloud is the best way to protect files, chats, etc.

How to Save WhatsApp in the Cloud

In addition to the basic functions you use every day, you can also save WhatsApp in the cloud, prevent the application from knowing exactly where you are and other advanced functions.

You probably send a lot of messages, upload photos and share them with your friends, and use a lot of utilities offered by this popular application, but you can always learn a little more.

Ways to Save WhatsApp in the Cloud

The WhatsApp instant messaging application not only offers video calls and stories, but also saves conversations on Google Drive.

The procedure for saving Whatsapp in the cloud is quite simple. You have to go to Adjustments and then Chats. There you will find two options, Backup and Chat History.

Backing Up

Here is when you can choose if you want to save in "local", so that, if you uninstall the application and install it in another mobile, you will recover all the messages.

The application makes automatic copies, but you can save when you prefer by clicking on the green button.

In this menu you can also decide how that backup will be and if you use WiFi or data.

Chat History

In the Chat History, you file, empty or delete those that are there, but you can also export.

Once you've chosen the contact and decided which files to include, you have to select where you'll save them or how you'll transmit them, whether in an email attachment, on Google Drive, on WhatsApp itself, or Bluetooth.

Since April, WhatsApp allows multiple downloads of one file. Until now, a file that was attached to a conversation stayed on WhatsApp servers for 30 days or until it was downloaded. Then he was eliminated.

But company policy now allows files to stay on servers much longer. This capability allows you to store files on their servers, leave them there and download them whenever you want.

You can also use the application servers as a personal cloud and all you have to do is start a chat with your own contact number.

You can do this in two different ways, or add your phone number as a contact or create a group of two and then delete the second contact.

Being only in a single chat window, this becomes our personal space to store any type of files.

All your messages are encrypted on Whatsapp servers, so it can be considered a very secure way to store Whatsapp in the cloud.

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