How to Remove Scratches on Car Paint

Scratches on Car Paint

Are four-wheeled machines and an engine; but they also get you where you want to go or need to go in a matter of minutes.

That’s not to mention that they are among the best-valued goods today.

How to Remove Scratches on Car Paint

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For all these reasons, it is not advisable to neglect the maintenance of your car. Here’s how to remove scratches from paint.

Little by little the “bad fame” that we women have at the wheel is being forgotten. However, there are unforeseen events that often result in dents such as: minor collisions, friction with columns when parking or carelessness of others. If you don’t want to incur mechanical expenses, follow these steps:

How to Remove Scratches on Car Paint


The first thing you have to do is analyze the damage. Besides measuring the length, see how deep it is. To do this you can run your fingers over it, so you can see if they are shallow or deep.

Afterwards, try to clean the door, hood, rear-view mirrors or suitcase thoroughly before doing anything else.

Wet sandpaper

An economical solution to remove scratches on paint is to use a lightweight sandpaper. Now, the key is to start dry, and then wet the work area. It is also useful that you sand in the same direction, otherwise you will add other cuts.

When to stop you? Seeing that the layers are level. When you’re sure, try to dry everything with a lint-free towel.

Polishing Wax

There are dozens of professional products on the market to treat stains and make small repairs at home. So choose a special polishing wax or paste and apply a small amount.

Do it in circular movements and gently. Continue until the area that looks darker becomes lighter. Remove the excesses and wait a few minutes. Finally, you can wash the car as you usually do.

Although a lot depends on the paint, metallic colors generally get more visible and faster improvements than red, black or white cars.

Tip Eme:

Remember there are abrasive products. If your skin is very sensitive, don’t forget to wear protective gloves.

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