How to make a secure online purchase

Secure online purchase

Making a safe purchase on the Internet can be too easy if we take into account some important aspects before choosing anything, take care of your money

secure online purchase

Internet shopping has spread all over the world and could soon lead, so it is important to know how to make a safe purchase and not be swindled or in the worst case, victim of cyber criminals.

Verify that the URL of the store is secure

One of the online security protocols requires the URL to start with Https, as it keeps the browser information encrypted and the data is lied to privately and protected.

If the URL doesn’t have a padlock at the beginning, you’d better not access the store site.

Do not connect to a public wifi when buying

Connecting to a public wifi network could be a serious problem if you want to make a purchase through it.

For cyber-criminals, it is easier to attack public networks such as shopping malls, cafés, restaurants, etc. Use your home’s internet or cell phone data to make the purchase 100% safe.

 Don’t buy with debit cards

Making an online purchase with a debit card could be the focus of cybercrime, as attackers would have access to the funds you have in the bank.

I recommend you to use a prepaid card, as these have additional protection when you make an online purchase, as well as a payment limit that you can set yourself.

Another recommendation not to be overlooked is to choose prestigious brands that are responsible for the product and its warranty, in addition to buying any item in a store you trust or that has an established business.

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