How to share the internet with your iPhone

Share the internet

Sharing the Internet with the iPhone is really easy, although Apple devices all have an option to share their signal.

share the internet with your iPhone

You may be on the street and suddenly need to share your internet signal with a colleague or friend.

If you have an iPhone, the steps to follow are very simple, so keep reading because we explain below, how to share the Internet with the iPhone step by step.

The iPhone of (like any other smartphone) can be used to have an additional connection available for use in times of emergency.

Thanks to the WiFi access point of the iPhone, in fact, we can use the data connection of our data plan and access the web without problems.

However, we must be careful as it can happen that we consume the set of daily or weekly data that we have established and we can see how this will affect the navigation that will be slower than normal.

However, if you want to share the Internet through your iPhone, just follow these steps.

Steps to share the internet with the iPhone

  1. As mentioned above, in order to share the Internet with your iPhone, you have to use the Wi-Fi access point on your iPhone.
  2. To do this, you have to search in the iOS Configuration and find the menu we are interested in. You will first need to activate your data connection, and then go to Settings > Mobile Data or Settings > Internet Sharing.
  3. Click Internet Sharing, and then click to activate the option.
  4. The next step is to take the other device, iPhone or not, and go to the Settings section and then between the different options enter the Wifi and select the iPhone network to connect to it.
  5. This way, so simple, the data connection of the Apple smartphone will begin to be shared and we will be able to connect to the Internet, using the connection of our iPhone, with any type of device, from smart phones of other brands, to tablets and even laptops.
  6. Within the same screen of the data connection, the iPhone user can also configure the security settings. Like any other Wi-Fi connection, in fact, even the iPhone access point can be a danger to both the mobile device and the other devices that use it to connect to the network. By default, iOS protects your connection with a password – but if you want to change it, simply click Wi-Fi password and enter the one you like best. The important thing is that you enter a password that is secure and hard to guess.

When you have finished sharing the Internet from your iPhone to the other device, don’t forget to turn off Internet Sharing so that the connection is closed and no other device around you can connect.

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