How to sharpen knives quickly

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  1. How to sharpen knives
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How to sharpen knives

Sharpening knives seems a simple task and without much science, what many do not know is that the technique you use will depend on the durability of the sharpening and the strength of the metal blade.

There are two types of metal blades, the normal blade (butter knife) and the saw blade (cutting knife).

How to sharpen knives

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Here we'll show you how to use each type of sharpener, so that the practice of sharpening knives is a piece of cake.

Tips for sharpening knives

The electric sharpener: Makes the knife blade slide through the tool. If you don't have a lot of time with this method you will get a fast and precise sharpening.

The manual sharpener: This is the most durable technique, but it also requires a lot of practice. It usually has a ceramic bar on which the metal sheet is passed repeatedly until the desired edge is achieved.

The stone sharpener: Perfect for classic sharpening. Its different textures and irregularities make it a unique technique.

In order for the sharpening technique to be effective, you must pass the blade over the surface of the sharpener with long, fluid movements. You have to be very careful because if you go too far with the sharpening you could damage the metal blade leaving it uneven.

After finishing one side of the knife edge, sharpen the other side. It is important that the blade is as uniform as possible.

Remember to keep the movements long and fluid while sharpening the knife. Once both sides are sharpened, run the knife over soft surfaces to see if the blade is sharp enough. If the blade does not cut as you wish, you must repeat the steps.

Keep in mind that if the knife is well sharpened it requires less force to make each cut and, having to force less, there is less chance that it will fall off and cause us to cut.

Therefore it is important to know how to sharpen each knife according to the use we are going to give it, because if it is a knife for daily use (to spread or chop bread) is not essential that the edge is perfect, while if it is to make a cut of meat and even for self-defense, if it requires a specific edge.

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