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Siri Quote

The fabulous intelligent assistant of iOS, Siri, has evolved a lot since it was launched as a novelty with the iPhone.

Siri Quote

Other companies such as Google and Samsung have copied this functionality on their smartphones with their own versions.

Although Google Now has done a good job with its virtual assistant, Siri is a fun and unique assistant.

The Apple Assistant who also has fun and unexpected answers to some questions.

Even asking the same question more than once could generate different answers. Then, I leave a list of phrases that will make Siri surprise you with your answers, Have fun.

The funny Siri Sayings

1. Where do babies come from?
2. Tell me a story
3. Tell me a joke
4. What does the fox say?
5. What is the meaning of life?
6. Sing me a song
7. Tell me a tongue twister
8. I need to hide a body
9. When will hell freeze?
10. When will the end of the world be?
11. Testing proving
12. What are you?
13. Where are you?
14. How are you?
15. Who are you?
16. How are you?
17. Would you marry me?
18. Talk to me dirty?
19. Why am I here?
20. Where are you Scooby-Doo?
21. Teletranspórtame Scotty?
22. What are you wearing?
23. I hate you
24. I like you
25. You are a loser
26. How old are you?
27. How old are I?
28. I need a strong drink
29. I love you
30. Do you love me?
31. Shut up
32. You're funny
33. I'm tired
34. Fuck you
35. I'm sorry
36. Is there a God?
37. OK

38. You are right

39. You are not right
40. Who is your favorite person?
41. Who is your least favorite person?
42. You should go on a diet
43. What is your problem?
44. Do you want to play a game?
45. I'm drunk
46. I have to go to the bathroom
47. Merry Christmas
48. Do you want to go out with me?
49. What is your favorite color?
50. What is my name?
51. What is the best tablet?
52. What is the best computer?
53. What do you think is so funny?
54. Who is Siri?
55. Are you human?
56. You are smart
57. I'm happy
58. I'm bored
59. Who makes the best computer?
60. Why are you so amazing?
61. Really?
62. Are you kidding?
63. Are you a man or a woman?
64. You agree with me
65. Good evening (daytime)
66. Good afternoon (at night)
67. Good morning (evening or evening)
68. Thanks
69. No, thanks
70. When is your birthday?
71. Who made you?
72. Guess what?
73. Why?
74. Because no
75. Who is Steve Jobs? ... and some extras
76. How do I get to Mordor?
77. When is the end of the world?
78. Who is your father?
79. Who is your mother?
80. Toc, Toc
81. Are you a virgin?
82. When will the end of the world be?
83. You look sexy
84. I can not sleep
85. I'm tired

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