How to use your smartphone as a remote control

Smartphone as a remote control

When you bought your smartphone, I bet you didn’t think about the alternative uses you could make of it.

However, thanks to the open source operating system and the thousands of applications available on Play Store, your device can be transformed into anything, even a remote control.Smartphone as a remote control

Take control of your TV with your smartphone

Whether you’re here to take control of the TV in the living room invaded by your big brother, or you want to remotely control the air conditioning or thermostat, we want to show you how to turn your Android smartphone into a universal remote control or a remote control dedicated exclusively to television.

Before you continue reading, make sure your smartphone is equipped with an infrared sensor and that the electronic devices you want to control remotely are also compatible with this technology.

If your smartphone has an IR (infrared) sensor, the applications installed by default include a service that can transform it into a remote control.

Universal applications for your smartphone

If your smartphone has an infrared port, it probably includes a native app to use it. You can also look for some alternative through which we can use our smartphone as a remote control, there are several in Google Play.

You can choose from many, among our favorites are IR Universal Remote and Peel Smart Remote. They are very simple to use and their operation very similar, in this particular video shows how to use IR Universal Remote.

After downloading it, drag your finger from left to right, to enter IR Databases, where we choose the brand of our television, decoder or Blue-Ray that we want to control. Once selected, the controls appear and we will be able to choose our favorite channel at the touch of a finger on the screen of our smartphone.

Manufacturer’s applications (for TV only)

If your TV is Smart TV or you have it connected to the Internet is very simple. The manufacturers have different applications thanks to which, connecting smartphone and TV to the same network, you can use the phone as a remote control.

Each one has specific functions for each of the supported models, and avoids having to download another application or look for which one is compatible with our model. If we have a TV of one of these brands, you only have to download the corresponding application.

App Sony remote control

TV SideView is the application of the Japanese manufacturer. With it we will perform normal tasks of any remote control, as well as open the TV Guide or control other electronic devices from Sony.

App Samsung remote control

The other Koreans have Samsung SmartView, with which we handle the TV and all the devices that are connected to it.

App Panasonic remote control

TV Remote 2, available in Google Play, is what we must use to change channels in Panasonic televisions.

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