How to charge your smartphone faster

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Charge your smartphone faster

Today, keeping your phone with a sufficiently charged battery has become a necessity for many.

charge your smartphone faster

However, there are situations in which there may be some drawbacks, for example, having to leave home and only have a few minutes, perhaps half an hour, to charge the smartphone's battery, which should then last several hours on.

This is the typical time when efficiency really matters, and there are a few steps you can take to be able to charge your smartphone faster.

This is a series of tips that you can also take into account in moments of less haste, since in the end it is about shortening the loading process, a task of almost every day.

Tips for charging your smartphone faster

The first piece of advice on how to charge your smartphone faster is perhaps one of the most obvious. It is always better to connect the terminal directly to the socket, rather than to the computer.

This is because charging through a computer's USB port offers a lower amount of amps, which translates to a lower current intensity.

In other words, the process is slower, as you've probably noticed if you've paid attention to comparing the two ways. Needless to say, wireless charging is also less efficient.

Another common recommendation is to turn off the device while charging. It is logical to think that if the terminal will not have any activity, the battery will fill faster, compared to if it was turned on and with some of its processes in operation.

This same saving technique can be applied in a scaled way, if you need to leave the device active. This way, if you don't want to turn off your smartphone, you can at least put it in Airplane Mode.

However, if you need to keep wireless communications active, it is preferable that the handset works using a Wi-Fi connection rather than 3G or 4G, as these types of connections are more energy-intensive.

Thus, for faster and more effective charging, it is advisable not to use the smartphone; but if you have to, it is preferable to avoid heavy processes such as video games, video playback or tethering, which provides Internet access to other devices.

In addition, it's a good idea to reduce screen brightness, turn off applications in the background, and turn on power saving, as long as the device offers this type of mode.

But in addition to these provisions of the phone itself, it is important that the charger is the original, but if this is not possible, unless the amperage is the same.

When the amount of amps in the charger is less than appropriate, the charge becomes slower, while if it is higher, nothing happens (sometimes it can charge faster if, for example, an iPad charger is used for an iPhone).

Although it is always necessary to realize that the voltage does not exceed that of the original charger, because there is a risk of applying a voltage spike to the terminal.

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