How to prevent your smartphone from getting hot


Although today’s smartphones are very advanced, they can present problems like computers or any other appliance.

smartphone hot

One of the most common is overheating or excess heat from the device’s microprocessor, which can be a real headache at times.

Leave your cell phone naked

If your mobile has a case and you see that it gets too hot, try putting a “bumper”, this way you will cover the sides but not the whole of your smartphone. In many cases, being so protected is not so good. Especially speaking of temperature…

Don’t leave your smartphone in the sun

Although it may sound like grandmother’s advice, direct sunlight has a big impact on your device.

When your smartphone is exposed directly to the sun, the heat is retained, so long exposure can be quite bad. Therefore, it is best to avoid hot spots, for example, inside your car or leave it exposed to a window.

If you are not using an application, close it.

Many apps still work on your smartphone, even if you don’t see them. You think you’ve closed them, but they still consume your device’s resources because they’re in the background and active.

Be sure to close everything tightly and you’ll save energy to your phone, and consequently, a rise in temperature.

Decreases the brightness of the display

You don’t need to have the brightness of the screen at its maximum. Leaving a high brightness affects the battery and the performance of your mobile.

It’s true that when there is a lot of light outside sometimes it is difficult to see the screen of our device, but for that there are screen protectors that help you see in extreme solar conditions and help you not to heat your smartphone.

Use airplane mode or turn it off

Be careful about using WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS. Many of us leave these options enabled by default during the day, but this is an error.

These technologies look for constant connection, even if you don’t find it. Result: our device burns. So, if you’re not going to use WiFi because you’re on the street, for example, turn it off.

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