How to turn your smartphone into a professional camera

Professional camera

Cameras are an indispensable resource for any smartphone. These will allow you to capture, quickly and conveniently, special moments in your family, with your friends or even in your workplace.

But there are times when, as users, we feel that our smartphone’s lens lacks something extra, whether it’s a lens, improving lighting, getting a better focus, or even capturing photos at a good distance.smartphone into a professional camera

If you want to improve the focus of your photos, to have an optimal zoom and, even, to give a better illumination to the captures, here we will recommend three gadgets so that your photographies look like those of all a professional.

Clip-on lenses

In the market is very easy to find different types of clip lenses that you can put to the camera of your cell phone.

Thanks to them you will be able to give color and zoom to your photographies, and these will look with quality and professional resolution, besides to create new compositions with lenses of eye of fish and macro. In online shops their price does not exceed €20.

LED Lamps

If you are in a meeting and you want to take a selfie but there is no light, new technologies are on your side: in the market you find LED lamps that will make your self-portrait an image of height, ideal for selfies.

Even thanks to this new lighting, you will have the opportunity to take pictures as if you had a mini professional studio in your hands. A kit of good quality lamps you can get for €20


This universal smartphone telescope zooms up to ten times and fits all smartphones. This unmistakable gadget comes with a confirmation clip for precise use in front of your eyepiece.

Arm yourself with a good mocular telescope for less than €60.

With these gadgets you will feel like a professional photographer with your smartphone. You’ll be able to take amazing pictures.

Now, it only remains for you to think about what you want to capture: landscapes, portraits, selfies… Remember: you have no limits!

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