How to unlock your smartphone screen without a password


Establishing an unlock code or pattern on the phone is an excellent option to increase terminal security, but many users prefer not to do so for fear of forgetting the code at some point. However, should this happen, the solution is easier than it seems.

smartphone screen without a password

If your phone works with an Android version greater than 4.2, the options you have will result in the loss of files, images, videos, etc.

If your phone uses Android 4.2 or earlier, follow the detailed instructions at the end of the article.

  1. Use Android Device Manager

If you’ve forgotten your PIN code and Google Account details, go to a computer and go to Android. Choose your device on the top left and choose ‘Delete’. Now create a new PIN that you can use on your phone.

Doing so will cause you to lose all data on your device, including downloaded images, videos and applications, but reconfiguring your phone will allow you to set a new security code.

  1. Executes a factory reset

If you can’t fix it through Android Device Manager, there’s a more drastic solution: restore the phone to factory settings, or perform a factory reset.

Enter Recovery mode following your manufacturer’s instructions. Move through the menu with the volume buttons, and when you reach the Wipe data/Factory Reset option, select it by pressing the power button.

This option will cause the phone to return to factory settings, so you’ll return to the initial setup menu and have to enter the email and password you set when you first turned it on, although you’ll lose all stored information, including photos, videos, music and downloaded applications.

Devices with Android 4.2 or earlier

If your phone works with an Android 4.2 KitKat or a previous version, after several failed attempts, the system will ask you for your login information for the Google Account with which you have synchronized the phone. Once this is done you can unlock the screen.

Forgot your unlock code and nothing works?

If you’ve tried everything above and nothing has worked, you’ll need to go to the manufacturer, as any other way of unlocking would compromise the security of your phone. Look for your phone manufacturer’s help service to find out the steps to follow in each case.

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