How to prevent your location from appearing on the Snapchat map

Snapchat map

We show you how to deactivate the option to deactivate the exit on the Snapchat map if you want to keep your privacy intact.

Snapchat map

Last week Snapchat released a new map function in which we could see at a stroke all the Snaps near our position and around the world.

The function is more than interesting for discovering new content and, above all, new accounts to follow, but it has a problem: it activates the default localization and literally makes all the Snaps that are publicly shared geolocalized in the localization of the publication.

Users have shouted in the sky to see how some of their publications, which were originally focused on their group of followers, have ended up on the public map and that all sorts of strangers have been seeing what they shared, although initially were focused on discovering content from our friends.

Although the company clearly warns that if the Snap location is activated and we don’t have well adjusted privacy options, they will be published publicly, we can easily deactivate it.

In this context, if you feel a little exposed about what you share, your privacy, or the security of your data, you can turn off the Snapchat map feature so that your stories stop being shared in a very simple way without having to turn off the location options altogether:

  1. Opens the Snapchat mobile application.
  2. If you haven’t activated the map yet, the app will give you the option the first time to “activate ghost mode”.
  3. If you have not activated ghost mode, in the application options, inside the map (top right) you have to mark “not to be seen by anyone, only friends or ghost mode.

Please note that we activate the option to share our location on the map, this is updated each time Snapchat is opened, and that the location is saved for 8 hours even if you do not open the application or your friend does not see the Snap display.

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