Solid shampoo: its many advantages and the homemade recipe

Solid shampoo is on the rise. Highly appreciated by fans of natural cosmetics and zero residue (as it does not require a bottle), it is making its way into more and more baths.

Solid shampoo

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Unfortunately, it is still a little unknown to the general public. So we decided to put it in this article.

In addition, we found a little recipe easy to make at home if you like to prepare your own organic hair food.

The many advantages of solid shampoo:

  • First of all, reduce waste! This is an important point considering that liquid shampoo represents 476,000 plastic bottles thrown away every day. In short, the planet says thank you.
  • Also, they are not tested on animals, so they are perfect for those who love them.
  • In addition, it will only contain extra soft ingredients, respectful of your skin and hair if you choose the natural. Its dubious chemical ingredients are bad for the planet and for your health (sulfate, silicones...)!
  • In addition, there is a wide selection for all hair types (normal hair, dry hair, fine hair...).
  • Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that it doesn't wash because it doesn't foam as well. However, abundant foam does not guarantee efficiency and is more disturbing because it disrupts our habits! Also, some formulas lather well, but natural surfactants will be much softer on the scalp.
  • Although it seems more expensive than a conventional shampoo (and still... not always!), it will last about three times longer, which makes it a great deal. Plus, if you do it yourself, you can reuse the ingredients for other preparations and make sure you never run out of shampoo.
  • Finally, it is easy to transport, lightweight and takes up less space. As a result, you will not be disturbed at airport checkpoints.

Let's move on to homemade solid shampoo preparation.

Ingredients (to be purchased in bulk or online)

  • 30 g of SCI surfactant
  • 20 g water (or floral hydrosol)
  • 30 g of powder (clay, rhassoul, sidr, shikakai, etc.)
  • 20 g vegetable oil (several vegetable oils can be combined)
  • Optional: 5 to 20 g of honey
  • Optional also: 3-4 drops of essential oil for a deeper treatment

The steps:

1) First, you will have to gather and weigh your ingredients. Obviously, the choice is very wide here. To guide you according to your hair type, here are a few natural ingredients that you can of course combine if you respect the dosage:

  • Oily hair or hair with dandruff: Powder of rhassoul, reetha, multani mitti or nettle - Jojoba oil - Essence of grapefruit or tea tree
  • Dry, brittle, damaged or curly hair: Shikakai powder with marshmallow if possible - Castor oil, avocado, broccoli, coconut, borage or sapote - Ylang-ylang or sandalwood essence
  • Kapoor kachli or sidr powder - Grape seed oil - Lemongrass essence
  • Shikakai powder - Borage oil - Ylang-ylang essence

2) Sterilize your work surface and tools with alcohol. You can also boil your tools in water.

3) Then melt the surfactant and water in a double boiler. Then add your other ingredients out of the fire, as the heat could destroy your active ingredients.

4) Finally, slide your shampoo into a nice mold. Here, we advise you to opt for silicone, which allows for easier removal from the mold.

Let your solid shampoo harden well at room temperature or in the fridge for those in a hurry...

And it's ready! All you have to do is rub it between your hands or into your wet hair to make it lather. Then just massage it in and rinse it well.

You can also get the ingredients in the online stores of Amazon,WalMart,Costco,Sams Club,Chedraui,Carrefour, aliexpress,alibaba or MercadoLibre.

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  1. The many advantages of solid shampoo:
  2. Let's move on to homemade solid shampoo preparation.
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