How to choose Spotify songs as an alarm clock on your phone


Now you can choose the song you want as an alarm clock thanks to the integration of Spotify in Google Clock.

Spotify songs as an alarm on your phone

We all know what it is. Choose one of your always favorite songs or the last hit you can’t get out of your head, listen to it in a loop and get totally fed up with the song.

And that’s something that happens even more often, if at all, when we make the decision to use those musical themes as the sound of our smartphone’s clock alarms. Now, for those who want to, Spotify and Google have made it really easy.

Starting today an update links the Spotify applications and the Google clock so we can choose the app themes as the default sound for our alarm clock.

Both Free and Premium users will see how, within the clock application, a new tab of sounds will appear, beyond the classic tones; it will be there where you can choose countless songs from dozens of lists of music for our mornings, relaxing or cheerful and, could not be otherwise, also any theme we have heard in the application recently.

The update, which is available today, will reach phones with Android 5.0 or higher, and it has been confirmed that, soon, the Google clock application will also integrate music from YouTube Music, the new application on its platform.

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