How to know if they’re spying on your WhatsApp


One of the things that tend to be a nuisance in this technological age, is to be spied on and, even more so, if it is the chat of your smartphone.

The WhatsApp application allows you to open sessions on different computers remotely, something very convenient but can also cause problems.spying on your WhatsApp

Can you imagine that someone is reading your messages or isscreening your contacts? Yes, it can happen but don’t worry! Here we’ll show you how to tell if someone else is watching your WhatsApp, writing or intervening in your conversations.   

The key? Review from your smartphone

The first step is to enter the application, go to the three dots in the top right corner and then to WhatsApp Web.

At this point you will see where your application’s chat is active. Thus, if someone is active from another computer you will be notified on the mobile device.

If, when you enter the WhatsApp web option, one or more computers appear with an open session, as in the first image you saw in this article, it means that your chat application is open in those other devices.

Turn on the alarms, because your account is being spied on by someone and that person is watching all your conversations.

But if, on the other hand, what you get is a camera screen to scan a QR code, your WhatsApp, and all your conversations are safe.

If you are at risk, all you have to do is sign out the ones that appear open on the device and you are already free to be spied on. This is the only way so far to do it.

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