How to avoid being robbed of your WiFi


Is your Internet connection causing problems or has it slowed considerably? What if someone is using your WiFi connection without your consent?

Do you want to know who the WiFi thief is that is making your life impossible? We explain how to do it with your Android smartphone!steal wifi

Find out who uses your WiFi network

The first step is to find out who is using our WiFi network. To do this we can enter the configuration of the router and check the devices connected through our smartphone with the Fing application.

Once installed and connected to the WiFi network, open the application and click on the update icon at the top right to scan yournetwork.

When scanning is complete, all devices connected to the network will be displayed. The application will give us the brand of each device, its local IP address and its MAC address (Media Access Control, which is something like the license plate number of the device).

With this list we can recognize the router (usually has an IP ending in a *.*.1.1) and all our connected devices (computers, tablets, printers, hard drives or any gadget). If there’s a device we don’t recognize, it may be the thief.

Blocks unknown devices

In the case that we have located strange devices we can limit the access in the router to prevent them from entering our WiFi network.

To do this we must enter the administration panel of the router and configure MAC flitros. From the Internet browser, enter the IP of the router in the address bar. You will be prompted for your user name and password.

Once in the administration panel of the router looks for filters by MAC (depends on the model of router but are usually in the security section, WLAN or Wireless). Here you can enter the intruder’s MAC address and deny them access.

You can also limit the connection only to your devices, facilitating access only to the MAC addresses of your devices.

This will block any strange invasion. Remember that if you choose this option no one will be able to connect to your WiFi, not even your visitors.

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