How Spotify music to your stories on Instagram

Stories on Instagram

The tricks there are for Instagram do not seem to end. The one we’re going to tell you next is linked to the incorporation of music into the stories.

This feature allows us to add the music we’re listening to on our smartphone through Spotify, for example, and add it to our stories.stories on Instagram

In this way, your instastories will have a more personal sense, in which the creativity of the user will determine the quality of the content, as well as craving our followers of the music we like the most.


Surely while they were navigating in the stories of their followers they saw that one or the other had background music, and its quality was really good.

That is to say, it is not as if in the story the user had recorded a sound system playing a particular song, but as if the sound came from inside the smartphone. Remember that this trick applies to both iOS and Android, and can be used with streaming music services such as Spotify or Deezer.

For our purposes, guinea pigs will be an Android and Spotify.

  • Open ‘Spotify’.
  • Play’ the song you want as the background of your stories
  • Pause the song and get out of Spotify.
  • Enter ‘Instagram’.
  • Tap the ‘camera icon’ to create stories
  • Slide the ‘down to up’ screen to display the Spotify tab that was left working in the background
  • Press the ‘play’ button to make the music play
  • Return soon to Instagram to ‘record the story’ with background music
  • Once you’ve finished the story, ‘unfold again’ the Spotify tab and ‘pause’ it.

Now you can listen to your story with Spotify’s background music. Simply add the final details of stickers, text or whatever and share it with your followers.

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