How to remove stains from suede shoes

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To a greater or lesser extent, it is known that suede shoes or others such as suede, leather, etc.

should be cared for and protected as best as possible so that they do not get dirty and do not stain then, cleaning or removing dirt from suede shoes can be a somewhat more complicated task even when you do not know how to remove stains or dirt from the shoes without damaging them.

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Well, in Practical Resources we are to guide and help in different problems you may have and that's why we have prepared a guide on how to remove stains from suede shoes with different options so that they keep a clean suede shoes.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 1

The first option is the simplest and most logical of all the options for cleaning suede shoes and is used for one of the most common drawbacks, suede shoes wet by water and this, is manageable because the suede is very sensitive and is easily damaged or soiled.
How to clean suede shoes at home

  • Utensil:

Cloth dry, clean and no thread.

  • Instructions

If your shoes have gotten wet from water that fell or rain, you will need to act with some diligence.

Then, you will take the cloth and pass it over the area affected by the water carefully and without pressing so much so that the water does not penetrate into the tissue and what remains, will be left to dry naturally.

If the water stain leaves a different mark than the rest of the surface of the shoes you can try spraying lightly and uniformly all the surface of the shoes, so that the stain is mixed.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 2

The first option, can be made when the suede shoes have some dirt (mud, earth, lint) that can not be removed by hand and require some adminiculo or utensil to remove it.

  • Utensil:

Soft bristle brush: it can be a toothbrush, barber brush or a shoe cleaning brush and it must necessarily be soft bristle not to spoil the chamois.

  • Instructions

If the area of the shoe and the dirt is wet is recommended then, let the shoes dry in the air, without touching them and until it dries because with moisture you can not remove anything.

After doing this, take the soft-bristled brush and pass it neatly from top to bottom (in one direction) so that the dirt or dry grime is detached and comes out without staining or spreading on the surface of the shoes, make it with a certain delicacy pushing the grime out of the shoes.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 3

Sometimes, the dirt or grime that has soiled the suede shoes can be something attached to the surface of the shoes almost like a gum and require something else to remove it.

  • Utensil:

Eraser: a typical eraser will be required.

  • Instructions

If the shoes are wet then it is best to let them dry so that it is easier then remove the dirt from the chamois shoes Well, once the shoes are dry then proceed to take the eraser and pass focused on the affected area or that has dirt adhered, as who erases something from a paper in a soft way and so, you will remove that dirt type "gum" from the shoes and if it is more adhered, you pass something stronger. As it comes off, they can use a soft bristle brush to finish stirring.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 4

Oil or grease stains can be a real tragedy in chamois shoes because these stains shave the footwear and are very difficult to deal with. This option or homemade trick can be a great option to face this type of problems in the shoes.

  • Utensil:

Baking powders, cornstarch, cornstarch, or baking soda.

Instructions First, if there is excess fluid try to remove it carefully with the help of a rag without staining more than what presents the shoes and then do this, put a little of the utensil you chose on the stain and try to cover the entire stain with it and let it rest for a few hours so that this "dust" absorbs oil or grease to finally and with the help of a brush remove in a direction and down this lumpy shoe and should see the stain removed in a considerable part and to remove what remains even more, try the following option.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 5

Stains on chamois leather shoes can be a real nuisance as these cannot be removed with basic household techniques or tricks. Therefore, this option may be ideal when certain stains of coffee, juice or other affect chamois leather shoes.

  • Utensil:

White vinegar and clean cloth that does not thread or cotton.

  • Instructions

Either the stain is dry or something wet will proceed without waiting. The cloth or cotton that is going to be used will be moistened with the white vinegar and after this, it will be rubbed or passed lightly on the splash or stain that the shoes present with patience and as long as the vinegar penetrates and does its due action that is, to decompose the stain and attract it to the surface or that it is released.

After a short time of rubbing you will notice of course, that the cloth or cotton is stained and due to this, we will try not to pass again that part that stains the rag or cotton on the shoes so as to remove more properly the stain with this method and not spread it on the surface. If it does not come out completely, the action can be repeated.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 6

In some unfortunate circumstances, suede shoes become stained with substances or liquids (paint, oil, blood) that are almost impossible to remove without doing some damage to the shoes.

Well, if you have tried to make other options and you do not get results then, this is one of the last options and can spoil a little your shoes and therefore, it is advisable to take it as a last option and do it with the skill that is required for this type of situation.

  • Utensils:

Fine sandpaper: a fine sandpaper will be required and this can be a sandpaper or a file that is used for nails and should be a fine sandpaper, the finer the better.


First of all, shoes should be properly dry and if they are wet, they should be allowed to dry.

Well, now they will take the file and in the case, that they use a sandpaper they will have to roll it up in a pencil because, the cleaning will be precise or surgical, without going beyond the damaged surface.

Then, they will scrape gently and only on the stained surface with dexterity, pulse and in a very careful way without going over like that, they will scrape that zone and they will remove what this very adhered and with it also, they will remove a little of the suede skin that this stained with this substance or liquid.

It is true, that it is not the ideal option but, if the stain is very ugly and small perhaps, it is advisable to try to scrape and damage the fabric a little so that the stain comes out in better part.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 7

You should know, that in the specialized trade (shops or factories that work leather, shoe shops) there are some products that can remove certain stains and can be used effectively, in suede shoes and luckily, there are some cleaners specifically for the suede that are very good for removing oil and grease stains, find out and apply.

How to remove stains from suede shoes | Option # 8

Finally, if the problem still persists or you don't dare for some reason to try one of the solutions exposed then you can perhaps take them to an even better dry cleaner's, a shoemaker who with his experience and his abilities will be able to leave your suede shoes clean and free of stains.

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