Super woman: Wife, Worker, Mother, Housewife

What is a Super woman?

At present it is usually the rule that a woman no longer only engages in domestic chores, she must support the workforce but without neglecting the attention of the husband and children (if there is one) add the dog, problems of the Friend, gossip of the neighbor, etc, etc, is rather a requirement to have to become a superwoman.

How to face being Superwoman and not ending up crazy in the attempt?

Marriage will always demand respect, love and above all understanding so that together day by day overcome the obstacles that will prevail in their days.

The superwoman delimits, yes, delimits the times that you plan to dedicate to each thing, although it is obvious that you can not have everything under control it is important to learn to set limits since no one will do it for you.

Take those 5 minutes in which you can be alone with your soul, enjoying a rich chocolate or that sweet that you like.

Look for some small activity that you know that fills you with the energy and happiness you need, such as walking or some exercise.

There is no battery that lasts forever, so take it away because obviously although you would want to attend everything to perfection always, simply your forces will be exhausted.

Sleep well, sleep times are golden, because over time nights of insomnia can turn into a depression or a chronic fatigue syndrome.

As much as possible sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day or at least relax before bed so your sleep is recuperative.

Our food also plays an important role but many times it is not possible to cover all those nutrients your body needs.

Let’s Talk About Supplements

It is valid to use supplements that enhance our health, maybe Complex B, are also Antioxidants and cannot miss the Omega 3 that are vitamins for the brain.

Our brain is virtually fat, so if we do not consume fish regularly add Omega 3 vitamins, it is ideal for having more performance during the day.

You must take special care with the vitamins that the body accumulates like vitamin A, K, D, E.

Consult your doctor about the ideal supplement for your lifestyle, your family doctor or gynecologist can be of great help in this topic.

Beware of miracle products, those that say they promise a lot in a short time.

There are natural supplements that are not endorsed by an appropriate health agency and can damage your health beyond benefiting.

Beware of naturist products, that does not mean that it is harmless, there are those who are allergic to honey, pollen, eucalyptus and taking such a supplement can take you to the hospital.

Always remember, if you do not take care of yourself, nobody will do it for you and if it seems selfish, then think: if you decline, who will sustain and care for your family?

Love yourself and allow yourself some time for yourself, because you simply DESERVE it

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