How to sync your Google contacts with your iPhone

Synchronizing Google contacts in our cell phone is a basic task.

To have more control, better administration or even as a security measure in case we lose our phone we can easily recover our contact list.

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Another advantage of synchronizing our contacts with Google is that we can access our directory from different devices. It is therefore important to know what the mechanism is for doing so.

For iPhone users working for an organization that depends on G Suite, it's really very easy to transfer contacts from your Google account to your smartphone.

The process that used to require third-party applications to run smoothly, but now there is a built-in mechanism that makes it easier.

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  1. How to sync your Google contacts with your iPhone.
    1. Setting up a new Gmail account on your cell phone
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How to sync your Google contacts with your iPhone.

To get started, you will obviously need a Google account. Before trying to synchronize your account, make sure you have your account name and password ready, you'll need them to complete the process.

Start by touching the settings application (the one that looks like a silver gear) on your iPhone. Once in the Settings application, scroll down a little and touch the "Contacts" option.

On the Contacts page, touch the "Accounts" option at the top of the page.

On this page, you will see all the email accounts that you currently have configured on your phone. To add a new Google account, tap "Add Account" and on the next page, tap "Google".

Setting up a new Gmail account on your cell phone

At this point, you will be asked to enter your username (usually your Gmail email address) and password.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will need to follow the instructions for this point also. When you have finished, tap "Next".

When you view the account information, you will see which features need to be integrated. Make sure that the "Contacts" option has been activated and that the button has been selected with the green button behind it.

Once you have completed this step, click "Save" if you are asked to do so, and then exit the application. When you open the "Contacts" application on your iPhone, synchronization should begin.

If the synchronization is not going as expected, Google recommends that you go back to your contacts page settings and make sure that "Contacts" is activated.

If so, tap the account name on the Contacts page and tap the "On" option that says "Advanced.

From there, check the option "Use SSL", then go back and click "Done" on the account page. If all else fails, try deleting and reading the account.

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