How to take UVA rays safely and healthily

Taking UVA rays safely will allow us to look tanned all year round. Take note of these tips to protect your skin and show it off with that beautiful toasted shade.

Taking UVA rays is one of the ways to enjoy a dark skin color all year round.

take UVA rays safely
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This tan will allow us to look our best, far from the pure white that in some cases can over-tone certain features.

A bit of life for a special occasion, that color that will contrast with the dress or clothing we have prepared, may be the perfect excuse to start caring for our skin with UVA rays.

Many are the myths surrounding this artificial way of enjoying a tan. Take note of these steps to be able to take UVA rays safely and healthily.

Steps to take UVA rays safely and healthily

  1. There are a number of guidelines recommended by specialists, the skin is a very delicate part of our body. When it comes to taking UVA rays, we need a minimum of guarantees. The machine must have the revisions in order and have the authorization that makes it safe. It doesn’t hurt to be recommended by a specialist.
  2. It is not recommended to take UVA rays and the sun at the same time. We will have to choose one of the two ways to tan, but never do it simultaneously. The skin is a delicate element that should not be overexposed in any case. It will be better to schedule the sessions before the summer.
  3. Before we take the step of doing an entire UVA session, we’ll try a few minutes. We will see how our skin reacts, not all skins react in the same way. Depending on the intensity of the UVA rays and some elements that may affect their use, such as the tone of our skin or lack of sun exposure, we will adapt the sessions.
  4. The genitals and eyes should always be covered with UVA rays. We can’t expose these parts to the machine. It’s not a natural tan, so before we put ourselves in the machine, we’ll put on the bikini and cover our eyes. It is one of the basic safety measures before starting the sessions.
  5. We will not be able to take UVA rays if we are under the age of 18 or think we may be pregnant. The risks of certain diseases may be higher in these cases. Creams and perfumes as well as the sun can create some stains due to some of its components. It is important to expose ourselves to the rays with our skin completely washed.

With these steps we can take UVA rays safely. It is important to be very attentive to the reactions that this system can create in our skin.

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