What is Technique?

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  1. Technique
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    2. A Resource
    3. Other Technique Concepts?
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    7. Engraving techniques
    8. Relaxation techniques
    9. Printing techniques
    10. Other Examples of Techniques?
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The technique is a procedure or set of rules, standards or protocols that aims to achieve a specific and effective result.


What is Technique

The word technical comes from téchne, a word with Greek roots which has been translated into Spanish as'art' or 'science'.

A set of procedures that a science, art or skill uses. The history of technology is one of human progress in its material aspect. With its repercussions on the intellectual and spiritual order.

It is based on the use of the various energy sources offered by nature. Its evolution was as slow in its beginnings as it has been in recent times.

The technique can be said to be the result of man's need to be able to modify his environment in order to achieve a better and higher quality of life.

Also, other fundamental characteristics are the fact that it is transmitted from person to person.

It improves with time as well as with practice and each person irretrievably imprints their own stamp on it.

A Resource

In man, on the other hand, the technique appears as a developed resource in the face of the need to alter the environment to adapt it to his requirements.

Is the way and means we use to reach the proposed goal. Study techniques, for example, provide us with practical tools for acquiring knowledge.

They explain that by using underlining, synoptic tables, concept maps or summaries (techniques or ways of learning). We will be able to incorporate the study material into our cognitive structure.

Can also be used to refer to how to do one thing: Juan, you have to teach me that technique for peeling mangoes.

The technique, sometimes difficult to differentiate from technology, arises from the need to transform the environment to better adapt it to your needs.

Other Technique Concepts?

The word technical is defined as the set of procedures or resources that are put into action when carrying out a specific activity. Generally, in the framework of professional, artistic, scientific, sports or other performance.

Technique is linked to the skill or ability, but fundamentally to the methodical learning and experience accumulated to successfully overcome a given objective.

It is interesting to mention that this word comes from the Greek τεχνη (technē), which refers to the idea of knowledge. Undoubtedly, behind every technique, there is the notion of knowledge.

Many techniques are expressed and systematized in books, treaties or manuals. Many others are transmitted orally from teachers to students, from parents to children, among friends.

When a woman passes a cooking recipe orally to a neighbor and gives her details, tips or "secrets" (such as "you have to keep the oven very low so that the muffin goes high", for example), she is passing on a learned technique based on trial and error.


Requires both manual and intellectual skills, often the use of tools and various skills.

It is born in the imagination and then put into practice, often born of trial and error.

It is often passed from person to person and improves with time and practice.

Each person puts their own personal stamp on it.
It is not unique to humans, although its techniques are more complex.

Requires both manual and intellectual skills, often the use of tools and always a wide range of knowledge.

Is not exclusive to man, as it also manifests itself in the activity of other animals and responds to their need for survival.

In animals the techniques are characteristic of each species.

In the human being, the technique arises from his need to modify the environment and is characterized by being transmissible, although it is not always conscious or reflective.

Each individual usually learns it from others (sometimes inventing it) and eventually modifies it.

There is a widespread belief that only people are capable of imaginatively constructing something that they can then concretize in reality, but some higher primates, apart from man, can make tools.

Sometimes difficult to differentiate from technology, arises from the need to transform the environment to better adapt it to their needs.

The techniques invoked in:

Technology: which studies the techniques and uses various sets of techniques.

The use of tools, algorithms, task organization.

Art, which includes not only tools and processes but also the use of forms and structures.

For example, in music, where the technique refers to how to play a musical instrument, as well as how to compose.

Types of techniques

This history is the story of the invention of tools and manuals with a practical purpose.

The definition of technique assures us that these exist in all areas, but at present. We have three types that are the most used either for taste, leisure or necessity, we refer to the techniques of engraving, printing, and relaxation.

Below, we will detail each one of them.

Engraving techniques

Are very popular especially if you want to capture illustrations; to engrave an image we can choose different methods, one of them is the engraving in relief where the artist carves an image on a block of wood or fiber.

Relaxation techniques

The definition includes within the group those used to improve physical fitness, known as 'relaxation'.

Relaxation methods use autosuggestion as a therapeutic form of meditation and are very useful when the person suffers from behavioral disorders or neurosis such as anguish.

Printing techniques

We understand printing techniques to be the processes used to reproduce images or texts, including phlebography, printing, typography, engraving and screen printing.

Other Examples of Techniques?

  1. Vocal technique
  2. Surgical technique
  3. Artistic drawing technique
  4. Light technique
  5. Study technique
  6. Smoking cessation techniques
  7. Relaxation technique
  8. Concentration techniques

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