How to create your own Telegram stickers

Telegram stickers

Telegram has another dimension of the traditional emojis, the stickers. The literal translation of stickers is “stickers”, which you will be able to use to express even your mood.

In Telegram there are some by default but the best thing is that you can create these stickers yourself and share them.Telegram stickers

How to create your own Telegram stickers

You can create your stickers from your smartphone or from your computer, it may be more comfortable on the computer but it is not the only way.

The first thing we need is to have in our contacts the Telegram Bot to create stickers: @stickers. Write him a nice message and he’ll give you all the commands you need to control him:

  • /newpack: Create a new pack of stickers.
  • /newmask: Create a new pack of masks.
  • /addsticker: Add a new sticker to an existing pack.
  • /editsticker: Change emojis or coordinates.
  • /ordersticker: Reorder stickers in a pack.
  • /delsticker: Delete a sticker from an existing pack.
  • /delpack: Delete a pack
  • /cancel: cancel the current operation

There is also a complete functions section to know the statistics of your packs and their stickers:

  • /stats: Get statistics for a sticker.
  • /top: Get the popular stickers.
  • /packstats: Get statistics for a sticker pack.
  • /packtop: Get the popular sticker packs.
  • /topbypack: get the popular stickers in one pack.
  • /packusagetop: Get usage statistics for your packs.

These are the basic commands. When entering one of these commands we must follow the instructions or give the information that the Bot de Stickers needs to finish the operation.

First of all, it’s a good idea to have our sticker ready. The basic requirements of the sticker are:

  • Have a transparent background, that is, we need it to have a PNG form.
  • A size of 512 x 512 pixels.

To achieve this Telegram offers an example of a sticker file for Photoshop, although there are also free desktop programs with which we can create or modify images and save them in PNG format: Inkscape (create vector images to create your sticker from scratch), (to process images) or Gimp (image editor).

You can also do it directly from your smartphone with some image editing applications and with the Background Draft application we will have a PNG ready to use. Telegram recommends uploading and creating packs of stickers from your web application or from the desktop client.

  • Now we’re going to create a new pack. For it we introduce in the chat, with the sticker bot, the command /newpack.
  • The bot asks us the name of the new pack. Then we’ll enter the name of our pack.
  • We will receive a confirmation and we must select the emoji that best defines our new sticker.
  • Once received the emoji, the bot will send us the limitations have the images for our sticker and we will be able to upload the first one. On the computer, just drag the image over the conversation on the smartphone and look for it via ‘File’ and send it as an uncompressed file (better from the computer).
  • To upload another sticker you have to first send an emoji and then upload the corresponding image, and so on.
  • Once finished it is enough to publish the pack sending the command /publish. Now enter a name so that the bot can create a link to share. And that’s it, your pack of stickers ready to use and share.

Add new sticker to an existing sticker pack

You can create all the packs you want and then you can add to each pack the stickers you want. The steps to follow are very simple. Once you have ready the file with your new sticker enter the chat sticker bot and enter the following instructions:

  • /addsticker
  • Choose the pack (of the ones we have previously created) to which you want to add the new sticker.
  • Upload the file as such without photo compression.
  • And that’s it, we’ll have to wait an hour for it to be available to all users of the pack.
  • Now you can add another or enter /done if you are finished.

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