How do I know the temperature of a processor?

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  1. ¿Temperatura de un procesador?
    1. How do you check the temperature of the processor?
    2. How do you lower the temperature of the processor?
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¿Temperatura de un procesador?

Find out how to know and check the temperature of your PC's processor (CPU) for optimal use.

The CPU is the brain of the computer, that's what makes it work. To ensure that your data and information can be processed quickly, you must take care of it and make sure it doesn't get overheated.

Temperature of a processor

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Ideally, the temperature of a processor should be the room temperature. If the processor is heating up, it could cause a malfunction.

In general, 60 degrees should be considered the absolute maximum for long periods of use, but 4550 degrees should be made safe.

Most modern processors, including AMD's Ryzen, have a protection feature that automatically shuts them down if they become overheated. This reduces the risk of damage.

How do you check the temperature of the processor?

It is very easy to check the temperature of the CPU, just download a free diagnostic software such as Piriform or SpeedFan.

Your PC will then be analysed and you will be able to monitor the temperature of your CPU, but also the temperature of the case or the hard disk.

How do you lower the temperature of the processor?

To lower the temperature of the processor make sure that the fans are not obstructed by dust (use a vacuum cleaner carefully to remove dirt and debris).

We also advise you to invest in a computer cooling rack.

If your CPU temperature doesn't drop, then you may need to consider replacing your cooler, especially if your PC is equipped with a heat sink (a component that removes heat from a semiconductor) and a standard Intel fan.

Please note that prices of a refrigerator may vary depending on size, brand and power.

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