How to test the speed of your wifi

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  1. How fast is your Wi-Fi?
    1. Learn how to measure the speed of your Wi-Fi
  2. How fast should your Wi-Fi be?
  3. Test the speed of Wi-Fi with an application
  4. Test the speed of Wi-Fi through Windows
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How fast is your Wi-Fi?

To solve the problems related to the slowness of your Wi-Fi, first check that your Wi-Fi is working properly. Here's how it's done.

speed of your wifi

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Learn how to measure the speed of your Wi-Fi

It is surprisingly difficult to find an application that can test the speed of Wi-Fi. Most "network" testers are actually Internet connection speed or speed testers. However, they only tell you the speed of your connection to your service provider.

Since in most cases the speed of the Internet connection is slower than the speed of the wireless connection between the phone and the router, for example. The result of the test is therefore of little use if what you really want to know is the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Why should you try this speed? Because it tells you to:

  • the connection speed of a particular device
  • the speed of your Wi-Fi in different places in your house ;
  • if your Wi-Fi is the cause of your slow Internet connection.

In this tutorial, we give you 2 techniques to measure the speed of your Wi-Fi.

How fast should your Wi-Fi be?

Don't expect it to match exactly the one in your router box. The "AC1200" standards, and others like them, are theoretical maximums.

In the real world, with interference and obstacles such as walls, floors, doors and windows, they are usually much lower.

What you want is for it not to be slower than about 20 Mbps (Megabits per second).

HD video transmission normally requires a minimum of about 2.5 Mbps, and this figure can increase to about 40 Mbps for UHD (4K).

Even good old 802.11n Wi-Fi should be faster than that, and newer 802.11ac routers should be between 200 and 600 Mbps or so.

Note that your speed will be limited by the slowest device, either your phone or your router. Therefore, even if you are next to the router when you test, which is-where the speed is faster, it will be limited if your phone only has 802.11n Wi-Fi, even if your router is a new Wi-Fi 6 device.

If you are wondering how this compares to megabytes per second, then simply divide the result by 8.

Test the speed of Wi-Fi with an application

As mentioned above, there are many applications that claim to test the speed of Wi-Fi. We did not install and test them all, but many could not tell us how fast our Wi-Fi was.

This determines the connection speed between the router, or any other device that provides Wi-Fi in your home, and a Wi-Fi device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The application you need is the WiFi Speed Test, developed by Zoltán Pallagi. It will also test the speed of your Internet connection if you wish. Unfortunately, it is only available for Android.

Before you start, make sure your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to test.

  • Launch the application and go directly to the test screen. You should see two options: WiFi test and Internet test.
  • Disable the Internet test, then press the start button at the top. The data will be transferred for 10 seconds, and you will see the current speed on the tachometer.

Repeat the test in different rooms, or at different distances from your router to compare speeds.

The results are stored in the TEST RESULTS tab, so you can view them later.

Test the speed of Wi-Fi through Windows

If you don't have Android or if you want to test your laptop's Wi-Fi speed, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Control Panel in the search bar of Windows 10.
  • Haga clic en Network and Internet Network and Sharing Centre.
  • Double click on the Wi-Fi connection and in the window that opens you will see the speed information. The number fluctuates, but should be a good indicator of the speed of your connection to the router.

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