WhatsApp: How to Bold or Italicize Text

If you want to put bold or italics when you write by Whatsapp, here we tell you how.

This article is for you! Find out below how to format text in the popular Facebook messaging application.

Text in Bold Whatsapp

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Sometimes the plain text in a conversation can help us better appreciate the text we are writing and the ideas we want to convey.

Unlike text editing software, WhatsApp has no formatting tools. However, this does not mean that you cannot bold or italicize your text messages.

Instead, the application developers have provided code to enable these formatting features. And to say the least, there is nothing complicated about it.

To bold, start your message with an asterisk and put the same symbol at the end of the text.
By applying this writing method, you will notice the difference instantly.

Text in italics on WhatsApp

Although there are no formatting tools, it is also possible to italicize all or part of your message on WhatsApp. This can be done using a specific method, such as bold, which is relatively easy.

To see for yourself how it feels, we invite you to pick up the phone and write your message by putting a script at the beginning and end of the sentence you want to put in italics. Normally, if you have followed this instruction correctly, your text should already be in italics!

Many other modeling techniques are waiting to be applied

Please note that there are many other text formatting options available on WhatsApp. The effect usually changes from one format to another.

For example, if you want to cross out a text in the instant messaging application, put it between two check marks and it will be done.
To chase, place three apostrophes on the front and back of the part of the message you want to format.

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