What foods are rich in selenium?

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Where to find selenium in food

Selenium is an essential nutrient for our body and is provided by food.

In addition, it plays several important roles, including that of a powerful antioxidant. Find all the foods that contain more selenium to integrate them into your daily diet.


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Selenium is a trace element mainly recognized for its role as an antioxidant and is essential for the body. In other words, it must be provided by food because the human body does not produce it. Moreover, due to its toxicity, it must be controlled and should not be taken in overdose.

In addition, it is absorbed into the soil by the plants and then transformed into an organic compound. The significant presence of selenium in the soil depends on several factors, including the acidity of the soil or the presence of other elements that negatively influence its presence (such as sulfur, aluminum or iron).


The different roles of selenium:

  • Antioxidant: used in the composition of enzymes that neutralize free radicals. Therefore, it acts against oxidative stress and premature aging of cells.
  • Involved in the metabolism of thyroid hormones: correct selenium levels would prevent thyroid-related diseases1
  • Detoxifying agent: it would intervene in the cleaning of the body from heavy metals such as mercury or lead2.
  • Role in dandruff (hair, nails) and skin quality: known to stimulate hair and nail growth and protect the skin. Also, it is found in supplements based on brewer's yeast.

The nutritional recommendations for selenium are 1 µg per kilogram of body weight per day for children. For adults (women and men), it is set at 70 µg per day3 .

Selenium deficiency can cause a decline in the body's immune system, anemia, and heart rhythm disorders. Keishan's disease occurs with a daily intake of less than 10 µg and results in heart failure.

Contact your doctor to find the cause of your symptoms.

Is it toxic?

It is important to note that selenium can be toxic if it exceeds the recommended dietary allowance and the maximum dose of 150 µg/day for adults4 (some sources reach 400 µg/day).

In fact, an overdose of selenium is responsible for selenosis, a disease that eventually leads to death. Symptoms range from intense fatigue (asthenia), to hair loss, gastric disorders, extreme skin dryness...

In addition, the pathology can be triggered in people working in an environment where selenium is used for its chemical properties5. Its industrial applications are diverse: chemical industry (catalyst), metallurgy (alloys), electric and electronic industry, etc.

Inhaling it daily subjects people to abnormally high levels of selenium in their bodies.

Selenium-rich diet

First, Selenium is a nutrient that must be provided by the consumption of certain foods. Therefore, it is mainly found in meat, fish, offal, oil seeds and seafood.

Its content in oil seeds and vegetables depends on the content of this trace element in the soils where they are grown. Furthermore, the same applies to the selenium content of animal foods, which varies according to the level of selenium in the animal feed6.

Seafood: oysters, shrimp, crab, mussels, crayfish.

Fish: tuna, salmon, cod, mackerel, cod liver

Meat: pork, liver, kidneys


Algae: wakame, royal kombu, Japanese kombu, nori

Oil seeds: Brazil nuts

Content by type of food

Some foods are more or less concentrated in selenium.

Other Options:

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