What foods are rich in Lysine?

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Where to find lysine in food

Lysine is easily found in our diet, whether vegetarian or omnivorous. As an amino acid that enters into the composition of proteins, it is indispensable for our organism for many functions.
Discover the foods where Lysine is most present in the diet.


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Essential amino acid, that is, the body does not synthesize it, lysine must be supplied exogenously, through the diet. Many foods are sources of lysine, including foods rich in animal protein and some legumes and cereals.

It is also a limiting amino acid, which means that it is usually present in smaller amounts in foods. Therefore, it is necessary to consume more of this food to cover the needs.

In addition, for certain vegetable proteins (cereals and legumes), it will be necessary to combine two different sources to cover the needs of lysine, for example: rice and beans.

Your functions

  • Lysine is one of the amino acids involved in bone growth and recovery when there is a fracture. It is also given to children with growth problems, but also to high-performance athletes (among other amino acids) 1 .
  • It promotes the formation of collagen and antibodies: as lysine is one of the amino acids that form proteins, it is involved in the formation of bone, collagen and also antibodies (immunoglobulin).
  • Reduces the frequency of cold sores: Studies have shown that lysine helps reduce the recurrence and severity of cold sore attacks1.

Note: When taking lysine for the treatment or prevention of cold sores, it is advisable to reduce foods that contain large amounts of arginine. The arginine contained in chocolate, seeds, nuts and peanuts would decrease the effects of lysine.

What are the nutritional recommendations?

Lysines intake is not recommended, but protein intake in general, which should cover 11-15% of the energy needs of healthy adults.

Lysines deficiencies are extremely rare, as the current Western diet provides the body with the dose of lysine it needs. However, in cases of severe stress or malnutrition, lysine deficiency can cause anemia, extreme fatigue and growth retardation in children.

What foods are rich in lysine?

Meat: chicken, turkey, pork, beef, game, lamb, veal.

Fish: cod, smelt, sturgeon, tuna, anchovies, salmon, halibut, trout, mackerel.
Dairy products: parmesan, gruyere, edam, gouda, mozzarella, goat, powdered milk, yogurt


Cereals: bulgur, corn, couscous, rice, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, wheat (pasta), sorghum, rye.

Legumes: soy, tofu, lentils (orange, green, black), lentils, beans (pink, red, white, black, coconut, azuki, tarbais, mung, flageolet, cornilla), beans, peas (broken, chickpeas, soy, whole).

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